Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New for you: Amazon Messenger Service!

Do you not hate it:
you just kidnapped some prey and you have no way to transmit a message really anonymously?
Or you fell in love with that other special person but there is no way to express this as 'secret admirer'?
Or you are stranded at the Amazon River and desperately seek a way to contact those who are still at home that they come and search for you?

Lighten up! Rescue is here!
At the Amazon Messenger Central Station, brought to you by the Paw Me, you can now easily book the messenger service. We offer two flavours:
  • Normal Mail
  • Anonymous Mail

Normal Mail:

you pay the box, drop your notecard and we will do the rest. We will take the notecard and give it to the person that you named inside said notecard.
Attention: we will NOT do the “lazy drop inventory way”. We need from you these data:
If Amazon River: location (e.g. near the volcano, or at the Wari camp)
If outside, somewhere on the grid: S-URL.

We will do at most three attempts to deliver your message. If all three attempts fail we will leave a note behind for the recipient to pick the letter up at our office.

But wait, there is more:

Anonymous Mail:

works like normal mail. BUT:
we take the content of your notecard (text only, no items in the NC) and copy it into a blank notecard of ours. That way, one can not trace you back as sender!

((OOC & technical stuff:
Both services: we will not forward messages that are against ToS, obv.
Both services: if you forget to tell inside the notecard to whom we shall give it, your money and your letter are lost, duh!
Both Services: Mark the notecard either 'Normal' or "Private"
Normal mail: your notecard must be with permission set to "transfer" at least.))

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