Friday, June 5, 2015

Roleplay Class/Discussion 5 June

This is a verbatim transcript of the roleplay class/discussion held at Solimoes 5 June.

[07:20] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant) smiles "alrite.. now .. thanks again for coming ....
[07:20] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): f you have questions, we require that you follow these steps:
make a ? in public chat type ahead what you want to ask but do NOT send it wait till your name is called, then send what you wrote. This way we are keeping the flow.
[07:21] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it wil be helpful if you spread the things that we talk about it, today, also amongst  your tribes
[07:21] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so that we have a sound understandign on how things work at the amazon
[07:21] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now, we start with the very basics.. about the technical preparation for roleplay
[07:22] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the first part is not, what character you want to be, or what your tribe is.. or why you are at the amazoin
[07:22] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the first part is: your draw distance
[07:22] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and that goes for any place in SL
[07:22] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i understand, that many people love to be in "full control"
[07:23] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): they have "look at" targets on, they have draw distance maxed to 2000 or 4000 meter....
[07:23] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and at the same time they moan at every region "this is soooo laggy here
[07:23] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): this effect wil hit you double at the amazon
[07:23] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): because, most regions are just that: one region
[07:23] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): when you are here, with a draw distance of, lets say 256 meters, and you stand at one border...
[07:24] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you are indirectly telling your viewer "ok, please render now 4 regions for me, with all people inside, swiftly
[07:24] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you can see the trouble
[07:24] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): in the wisdom cave we mentioned that and also i had a link there onhow to finetune your system but key is:
[07:25] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): draw distance of more than 96 is really not needed unless you fly
[07:25] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): next topic, also technical, is:
[07:25] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): your attachments
[07:25] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): script load is a topic that is generally misunderstood
[07:25] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): because it is inded a tricky topic
[07:25] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and every time when thigns are misunderstood, then they are understood wrongly
[07:26] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the good news is: every script counter you see in SL is not helpful
[07:26] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and every region running script counters, shows, their admins have no clue either
[07:26] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i wil try to simplify things a bit...
[07:26] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): scripts have an impact, yes
[07:27] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but they have, per copy, always the same impact
[07:27] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so, we have for example the bushes here, making noise
[07:27] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): per region easily 100 bushes
[07:27] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): 100 scripts
[07:27] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but it is the exact same  copy
[07:27] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so, scriptload on the server is 1
[07:28] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you have common attachments like "Mama Allpa"; "Xcite"; "aeros", "LR weapon"...
[07:28] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the chance is high, that 1, 2, or 10 others here wear it too
[07:28] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so it does not matter really much
[07:28] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): also the amazon HUD of course
[07:28] Missy Glenwalker (missy1giordano): ?
[07:28] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): everyone wears it
[07:28] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): rite now 46 people in this region
[07:28] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): scriptload: one HUD value
[07:29] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): however...
[07:29] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you go with "exotic attachments":..
[07:29] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): like "poseball rezzer for sex anyplace"...
[07:29] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): or "fun weapon that only you have"...
[07:29] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): then it is unlikely that your item is a duplicate in the same region, so you load onto the server for real
[07:29] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): bottom line:
[07:30] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): wear what is common, for the daily stuff
[07:30] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and add the extra attachemtns when you need them
[07:30] Winter (winterthyme): Missy had a question when you reach a natural break Sugar
[07:30] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): oh, i oversaw
[07:30] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): please, yes, ask away
[07:30] Missy Glenwalker (missy1giordano): do you recommend certain preferred attachments over others to keep script down
[07:31] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): generally not. the usual things apply: i wear right now three HUDs
[07:31] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i wear sometimes up to 10
[07:31] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but most i don't need often
[07:31] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so, the less i wear, theless load i bring to the region
[07:31] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and as i said, the most common stuff, you can wear or not, it ownt matter
[07:31] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): like MA HUD
[07:32] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): or Amazon HUD
[07:32] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you have a LR weapon, most likely it wil be the same
[07:32] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): as many use that brand here
[07:32] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): other brands are equally good. i am not preferring any there
[07:32] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but the scrit load seems more balanced here simpyl because many use it
[07:32] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok?
[07:33] Missy Glenwalker (missy1giordano): ty
[07:33] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): :)
[07:33] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): last but not least lag factor....
[07:33] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): sculpt hair
[07:33] Budi.Spaniard (budi.waco) keeps taking notes fast...
[07:33] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if your hair is sculpt, you slow down yourself the most
[07:33] Winter (winterthyme): Budi please avoid side comments - thank you
[07:33] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): coz your camera shows what most of the time? your head
[07:34] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and sculpt is a very outdated method to render things inworld here
[07:34] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): really almso tall mesh hair is superior in rezz times to sculpt, by far
[07:34] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): little item, big effect
[07:34] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes, i hate that too, my fav hair is sculpt
[07:34] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but, nope, i won't wear it
[07:35] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and in general:
[07:35] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): leep an eye on attachment points
[07:35] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i believe 32 is the magfic number atm, or 36, i always confuse these two valuese
[07:35] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): in times of mesh-body, hair, face, lips, arse,boobs...
[07:35] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): one runs out fast of them :)
[07:36] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so, keep in mind, if you have all attachment points fuill, no HUD won't attach, no biunds wont, no capture bubble
[07:36] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now.. these are some technical points before we start with the RP
[07:36] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ?s so far?
[07:36] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): good :) i see all quiet..
[07:36] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you have a question, make a ? :)
[07:37] Pau (pautico): ?
[07:37] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): alright :)
[07:37] Winter (winterthyme): Pau has a question
[07:37] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now.. the roleplay...
[07:37] Pau (pautico): is this something we can have recorded for later?
[07:37] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ahh
[07:37] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Pau :)
[07:37] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): shoot
[07:37] Winter (winterthyme): Yes - I will record it and publish it on the website
[07:37] Pau (pautico): ty
[07:38] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ook :)
[07:38] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now,. your character
[07:38] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i must say, this is one of the points, where i am really often happy to be here...
[07:38] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): many are really very detailed in appearance
[07:39] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): these regions ove some of the most beautiful (as in realistic) avis
[07:39] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): *have
[07:39] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so we can keep the appearance part short
[07:39] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): thanks to you :)
[07:39] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): let us focus more on your character
[07:39] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): why do you want to be a certain role?
[07:39] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): can you relate to that role?
[07:40] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you are timid and shy RL, you are maybe not the best rogue in here
[07:40] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you have a temper and a short fuse RL, you are maybe not the best "timid and lost" person here
[07:40] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i point tha tout because i see it often
[07:40] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): people want to be a role but can't fill it and are then frustrated
[07:41] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the "Kidnapper" where the victim does not follow as planned, and she/he then is insecure (because they are insecure RL too)
[07:41] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and then the scen goes south
[07:41] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): vice versa: someone wants so badly to be the "Lost" person ehre...
[07:41] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and are all uspet
[07:41] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but on the first wrong look or approach of the rogue, they yell, in chat, in IM; in amazon chat
[07:41] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): think then twice: is this really the role you wanted?
[07:42] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): when you picked a role, of course make sure you fit accordingly.
[07:42] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): plus, i want to point out one appearnce part here:
[07:42] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): please do NOT challenge our seekrs with whatever fantastic back ground stories why you are the exception to the rules
[07:43] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): like "i was abducted by scientists, and that is wwhy i have green ears and yellow eyes and wings
[07:43] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes, they tried that
[07:43] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): more important than your appearance is your talk
[07:43] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): somethign people often udnerestimate
[07:44] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): try to talk int he way your character would talk
[07:44] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Firestorm by the way offers a great help to that
[07:44] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you have maybe seen the autocorect feature...
[07:44] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): most common typoes are fixed by the viewer as you write along
[07:44] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you can use thajt feture to make your own slanf
[07:44] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): *slang
[07:44] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): for example...
[07:45] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i have made myself a list
[07:45] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and in that list "Greetings" is replaced with "Hai"
[07:45] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and "maybe" with "p'raps"
[07:45] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and so on
[07:45] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the character that i am in the amzon of today is naive blonde...
[07:45] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the vocabulary is a way to mirror that
[07:46] Illy (illifleury): ?
[07:46] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and, by the way - if you want to do the same, like naive blonde.. i am reallly fine if you use in RP "U" - although soo many smarties claim it i s a letter and not a noun :)
[07:46] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i saw a questiion-mark?
[07:46] Winter (winterthyme): Illy has a question when you are ready Sugar
[07:46] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): please ask :)
[07:47] Illy (illifleury): I think it's often difficult for non English native speakers and the level of vocab ... not really a question
[07:47] Budi.Spaniard (budi.waco): i agree
[07:47] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that may well be. which is why i am gentel when i realize in their profile they are not native english speakers
[07:47] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): then i manually correct what my word list colors as blonde
[07:48] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if i catch it :)
[07:48] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if not, they learn more vocabulary :)
[07:48] Illy (illifleury): some people just don't take that into account when RPing and RP can go south with misunderstandings
[07:48] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): we come to that in a bit, to conflicts
[07:48] Pookie77: ?
[07:49] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you want to try the word-list - thing yourself.. here is how:
[07:49] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Firestorm viewer
chat - [typing tab (new version)]
auto replace
New List
[07:49] Winter (winterthyme): Pookie has a question Sugar when you are ready
[07:49] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): play with it, and you will see it is fun.
[07:49] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Pookie, shoot :)
[07:49] Pookie77: Is there a translator that you would recommend so we're all using the same one?
[07:50] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): nope. there was some row with google and third party scripts, so not each translator works anymore..
[07:50] Pookie77: thank you
[07:50] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): ?
[07:50] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i cant help there.. as i use "google translate" on the web if i find someone unable to talk english
[07:50] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Pandora?
[07:50] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): So that means the one you can get near Landing is broken?
[07:50] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that is a RP translator
[07:51] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): I see, I never used it
[07:51] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): for the imaginary Tapi language
[07:51] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): a toy only :)
[07:51] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): Thanks
[07:51] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): :)
[07:51] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the word list.. ok.. then....
[07:51] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): describe your character a bit in the profile...
[07:51] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you want
[07:51] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but if you do not want it is ok too
[07:52] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i hav emuch fun for example to really guess what people are up to w7O reading all their profile
[07:52] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): *w/o
[07:52] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you want, set limits
[07:52] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): some people may even read them
[07:52] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but also:
[07:52] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): we are not a PG coffee and teatime family sim
[07:52] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): we understand that many people like a peaceful life
[07:53] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): hence we made the explorer role really strong
[07:53] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but unable to fight much
[07:53] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): people who simply want to hang out and watch the fishes swim... can be explorers, totally ok
[07:53] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but if you want to be "resident of the amazon" so to say, picture how life would be
[07:54] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): or a snake would kill you
[07:54] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): people would eventually come and rob you
[07:54] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): those things do not happen daily..
[07:54] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but having a list of "no this, no that, no no no" is a spoil fun for all RPers
[07:54] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): maybe you want then to be explorer
[07:55] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): equipment:
[07:55] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): ?
[07:55] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i have learned that there are people who script HUds...
[07:55] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that are there to tell:
[07:55] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): 1. who is looking at you in mouselook
[07:56] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): 3. who has shot you right now
[07:56] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): 2. who is readsy to run
[07:56] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): well, i can't make a rule "do not use it" but my word for that is: poor RPer
[07:56] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Pandora?
[07:56] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): So then you are saying rp limits are fine, but to an extent... No over doing it?
[07:56] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Roleplay is always about fun,. and i prefer to be sensible in my RP
[07:57] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): I agree, but for example in mine "No cutting me apart" I don't want anything perm, which is fine to request.. Right?
[07:57] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if i am unsure and i do not get in the RP a clear direction, i wil eitehr find a RP way to end it - or, if it is really interesting, i maybe check the profile for hints
[07:57] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes, that is fine...
[07:57] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): Okay great, thanks again
[07:57] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and many RP limits are self understanding...
[07:57] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): an example:
[07:57] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i met once a guy who was wearing an eyecap
[07:58] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): he so "i was shot in my eye (in RP) 1 year ago and since then i am wearing the eyecap
[07:58] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): me so: ok, i wil shoot you now into your oither eye and then you play with a dark screen, coz realistic?
[07:58] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): he was not so amused - but it shows a bit the extreme, and when things are not reasonable
[07:59] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): no one would really expect another player to run around with one arm here thanks to a RP conflict
[07:59] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): we are not in a "butcher " sim
[07:59] Namida Giulia: ?
[07:59] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i believe, glass and stoine has such things (i never RPed there)
[07:59] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but we are not that
[07:59] Winter (winterthyme): Namidia has a question
[07:59] Namida Giulia: can medics use a signal flare and smoke grenades?
[08:00] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and in the Amazon, a tribe kidnapping you would not as first make your limbs go off your body
[08:00] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): also
[08:00] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): a permanent relation ship is not RP
[08:00] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): no perm:
[08:00] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): while i may have nice hot steamy close events with other men...
[08:00] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): my partenr is Winter
[08:00] Winter (winterthyme) grins
[08:00] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and so it goes for everyone
[08:00] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you all have a special other
[08:00] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and no RPer would expect you to drop that
[08:00] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): no sane RPer, that is
[08:01] Winter (winterthyme): Namida's question was: [07:59] Namida Giulia: can medics use a signal flare and smoke grenades?
[08:01] Namida Giulia: thanks Winter :)
[08:01] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes. but mind you; particles= lag. almost like sculpt
[08:01] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you lag down your peeps coz of smoke grenades, your call
[08:02] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): another thing...
[08:02] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): RP limits that are not really needed
[08:02] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i mean, look at my profile. somewhere i have mine listed
[08:02] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you will see i have not
[08:02] Brandi Lauria: ?
[08:02] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): "nothign permanent" - becauser, if they ask that, i wil tell them in IM to undergo a realityi check
[08:02] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i have not:
[08:03] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): no ageplay - because, that is against Tos - and if they try that i report them
[08:03] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i have not:
[08:03] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): do not cut off my limbs - because if they try that, i RP my way out - and if that fails, i tel them in IM to dcrop that - and if that fails, i TP out
[08:03] Winter (winterthyme): Brandi has a question
[08:03] Brandi Lauria: I was exploring as found some cool bombs, but being native .. I am told I cant use them.  even though I found them
[08:04] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so many "Limits" are obsolete if you use sound mind on mboth sides
[08:04] Vivienne Schell: everyone could make a gesture chatline, like (limits: no xxx, no xxxx, xo xxx) or sometthing?
[08:04] Brandi Lauria: and this debate occurs as natives we dont have the brain power to figure things.  Can you clairfy that ?
[08:04] Winter (winterthyme): Viv - please type ? and wait to be called to speak
[08:04] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): one after the other :)
[08:04] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): brandi...
[08:04] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you can come up with aaaaaanything
[08:04] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): as long as you make up a good background story
[08:04] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): RP is about fun
[08:05] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you find bombs and make them go boom - power to you
[08:05] Brandi Lauria: ty
[08:05] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if someone says "but .. err. natives can't use bombs" toss one at their balls and tell them "see? i can
[08:05] Vivienne Schell: ?
[08:05] Brandi Lauria: hahaha ok :)
[08:05] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but stay "authentic" as in:
[08:05] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): bad RP would be that aliens gave you the bomb
[08:06] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): good RP is: the bombs were dropped by an army truick or so
[08:06] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that had an accident
[08:06] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): etc
[08:06] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you get the idea
[08:06] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Vivienne
[08:06] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ?
[08:06] Vivienne Schell: everyone could make a gesture chatline, like (limits: no xxx, no xxxx, xo xxx) or sometthing? it´seasy to make and easy to trigger.
[08:06] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): those who like that can do that...
[08:06] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): for me that is a bit like:
[08:06] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): as if...
[08:07] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): lets say, whiskey would have side effects on the bottle, and each time someone would open the bottle of whiskey, a long text would appear
[08:07] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): "alcohol is dangerous to your health yadayaday
[08:07] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i .. would pick water then :)
[08:07] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): people want so much, so desperate., to stay in control
[08:07] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it shows in so many ways
[08:08] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): they want the highest hill
[08:08] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the largest draw distance
[08:08] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the fastest weapon
[08:08] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and then a policy of RP limits as safety airbag
[08:08] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that is the same
[08:08] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and i think, you wil all have more fun if you dare
[08:08] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): dare to let go
[08:08] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you get captured, so wot?
[08:08] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): did i overlook a question?
[08:09] Winter (winterthyme): I did not see one
[08:09] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok :)
[08:09] Vivienne Schell: i only want a few ballistic nuke missiles! <smirks>
[08:09] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): :)
[08:09] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now, we were stil at equiop your avatar
[08:10] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): andi mentioned hat radar..
[08:10] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): also an item for control freaks :) and, mind you:
[08:10] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i was the same!
[08:10] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and yes, i ruined many RP experiences for me and others
[08:10] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it is much better, i learned, if you give up a bit control and go with he flow
[08:11] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it is no fun if you see your "enemy" approaching 500 maters ahead
[08:11] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and then are ready
[08:11] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you know...
[08:11] Vivienne Schell: ?
[08:11] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): they came in the first place to play with you
[08:11] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): not to learn how superior you are
[08:11] Winter (winterthyme): Vivienne has a further question when you are ready Sugar
[08:11] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that is why i dropped these all together
[08:11] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and Vivienne, shoot :)
[08:11] Vivienne Schell: (BUT!...BUT!...BUT.........)
[08:12] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok :)
[08:12] Vivienne Schell giggles
[08:12] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): next step then is "immerse"
[08:12] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): one thing i *highly* recommend is:
[08:12] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): drop for a whole day, 24h, the name tag floater in your viewer
[08:12] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): tghat youi do not see what is wriotten above our heads
[08:13] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you do that, and you also try to NOT click the profile...
[08:13] Pau (pautico): ?
[08:13] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but try to figure, by RP how they are called
[08:13] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): what they are doing
[08:13] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): why they are her
[08:13] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): then you see it wil be much more interesting
[08:13] Winter (winterthyme): Pau has a question when you are ready
[08:13] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): W and i see it daily extreme
[08:14] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): tho i am certainly not dressed like an authority...
[08:14] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and when my wdictionary is running i truly sound blonde...
[08:14] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): people still behave like we woul down this all here
[08:14] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): which is for the RP part just wrong
[08:14] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but we are not the exception...
[08:15] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if i see a guy in fair skin, i can assume a lot...
[08:15] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): (most wrong)
[08:15] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i can read their tag
[08:15] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): (boring)
[08:15] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): or i can RP out what he wants
[08:15] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): :)
[08:15] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and Pau
[08:15] Pau (pautico): And don't open radar....  so you don't know who is close by or who might be coming.  YOu would never know in the jungle
[08:15] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): indeed, good one!
[08:15] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): thank you :)
[08:16] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now., when you immerse..
[08:16] Lara (maryroe): ! i have one also
[08:16] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ask yourself also...
[08:16] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): What is the aim of RP?
[08:16] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the aim of RP is: to get RP- the aim is NOT to “down people” or to “kill people”
[08:16] Winter (winterthyme): Lara - just type ? please andwait to be called
[08:16] Lara (maryroe): ?
[08:16] Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): ?
[08:17] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): two hints...
[08:17] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): for rogues and for lsot..
[08:17] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but they apply for everyone, i use these two more as classic stereo types
[08:17] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Rogue: Consider whether you really need to shoot people or whether you are maybe as rogue dominant and assertive enough to make your point clear, verbally.
[08:17] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i yet have to see the rogue whjo made me really crave to have sex with him (except W)
[08:18] Winter (winterthyme) grins
[08:18] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and for the "lost": Same goes vice versa: no one likes a “bratty sub that can’t be dominated” - if you want a “tough persona” to “Own” you, for the roleplay, do not make it so hard that they lose the fun. consider it as a different form of flirting, but not as a “I will let them work as hard as possible for it”
[08:18] Vivienne Schell: ?
[08:18] Namida Giulia: ?
[08:18] Winter (winterthyme): Lara has a question
[08:18] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes, lets start the list, but saucy was first i believe
[08:18] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): saucy :)
[08:18] Winter (winterthyme): noep Lara was :-)
[08:19] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok:) then.. err
[08:19] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant) counts on figners enemenemimo
[08:19] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Lara!
[08:19] Winter (winterthyme) grins
[08:20] Winter (winterthyme): hmmm Lara perhaps is not ready yet....
[08:20] Lara (maryroe): i wanted to say something about immersing, i don't know if it has been touched nut avoid to IM your comrades unless it is a) before you're captured and b) it's a form of IC "rdio"
[08:20] Winter (winterthyme): ah
[08:20] Winter (winterthyme): Saucy?
[08:20] Lara (maryroe): was typing sorry
[08:20] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes!
[08:20] Lara (maryroe): takes a while, it's laggy
[08:20] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): good point!
[08:20] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): again:
[08:20] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you get RP!
[08:20]  乇ηýα   (0hnoitsme): ?
[08:20] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): why call for help?
[08:20] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you are captured. what is the worst thing?
[08:21] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): to "win"?
[08:21] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): BS :)
[08:21] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): scrap your IMS, totes, forsuch!
[08:21] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i 100% agree
[08:21] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): thanks!
[08:21] Winter (winterthyme): Saucy
[08:21] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now, Saucy
[08:21] Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): so, since radar is a poor way to rp, would you think by sending scouts to the enemy base and run back to report the enemy numbers a better way of rp?
[08:21] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes!
[08:21] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): absolutely
[08:21] Winter (winterthyme): Vivienne is next
[08:21] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): scouts can be kidnapped too
[08:21] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Vivienne
[08:21] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and all that
[08:22] Vivienne Schell: regarding the "verbal" cap...i never had any potemtial captive reacting to "stand still or i shot ya, hands up", they just use to run, draw weapon, call in their friends and whatsoever, and then we have another big shootout. which is fun simehow, but not exactly roleplay....same when we hold a captive and tell the commando trying to free the captive "step back, or the captive will suffer...". instead, the attacker prefer to kill my captive along with me. i guess that this isn´t what is supposed to be roleplay, right?
[08:22] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): rite
[08:22] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): see, Vivienne
[08:23] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i gave you a spajnking without a leash :)
[08:23] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and i think, i liked that RP
[08:23] Vivienne Schell: rught, ouch
[08:23] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the things you mentioned are about the same:
[08:23] Vivienne Schell rubs her back remembering it
[08:23] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): people wanting desperatlyto stay in control
[08:23] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and with this "i have to keep control" they stomp over everything
[08:23]  乇ηýα   (0hnoitsme): ?
[08:23] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): ?
[08:24] Winter (winterthyme): Namida next
[08:24] Namida Giulia: you understand that our captives neither rp fear when we have them bound to a rack? :\ due the so called "no sex rp, no rp this and that" most expect to be freed friendly with a pat on the shoulder ... *laughs* and Lara if you don't use your radio when you go down i'll get you *grins*
[08:24] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Namida
[08:24] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): we have killing on for a reason
[08:24] Namida Giulia: thanks :)
[08:24] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes, i hate those people who are invulnerable
[08:24] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and now i have to watch my tonngue, coz u know what?
[08:25] Namida Giulia: killing last just 1 hour, that's just free them with a pat on the shoulder to me
[08:25] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): after sucvh talks, or inamazon chat, any bet:
[08:25] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): each time
[08:25] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): a day or two later a total fucked up nutcase comes into my IM and says "wwot, you really sdaid that? i leave amazon, now and hope all do
[08:25] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): people are sometimes.. strange :)
[08:25] Winter (winterthyme): Enya had a question - then pandora
[08:25] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): killing 1 hour...
[08:25] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Namida...
[08:26] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i took into account that there are people also who come here maybe 2-3 hours after their office job and before going to bed
[08:26] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i don't want to lock them out
[08:26] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): hence 1 hour :)
[08:26] Brandi Lauria: ?
[08:27] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok, who is next?
[08:27] Winter (winterthyme): enya
[08:27] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): enya :)
[08:27]  乇ηýα   (0hnoitsme): my name is Enya..i was that said "control freak"..radar peeking to my advantage , draw dist full at all times...until just this morning!..i threw that bottle of bs away ...will try really hard not to fall of the wagon! lol ,and btw viv its instinct to run ..when faced in that situation , for most i would think ..yes even with the threat of " stop or i'll shoot" ...
[08:28] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Very good! :) i like that, and trust me, you are not the only control freak. and as i said, i was the same, until maybe 2 years ago or so
[08:28] Winter (winterthyme): pandora had a question too
[08:28] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it is much more fun without
[08:28] Missy Glenwalker (missy1giordano): ?
[08:28] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok, Pandora
[08:28] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): Referring to what Viv said, can people not call bluff on their "threat" to harm the captive? As you said earlier about the Real Life shy people being "Rogues" meaning they wouldn't harm them due to being scared, but even if it is a "bad-ass" Rogue player, sometimes bluff can be called that they would not go through with the harming? To me that is within RP too, and if they down the captive as VIV said then the Captive should also rp that they are hurt...Well that is at least how I look at it... But am I wrong?
[08:28] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you are totally rite !
[08:29] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): because, it is simple:
[08:29] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): when i am a rogue player, i have been bluffing 90% of the time
[08:29] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i have someone tied up..
[08:29] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): What I don't understand is after being downed, you can run? Surely you would be too hurt to move...?
[08:29] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i hold a glowing cigarette at their skin, not touching yet, not hurting...
[08:29] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and then i get eitther:
[08:29] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): realistically RPed fear
[08:29] Vivienne Schell: ?
[08:29] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): or "cool, burn me, i don't care"
[08:29] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if they are "cool", i untie them and send them home
[08:30] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if they have fear, i don't ned to hurt them :)
[08:30] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): RP is about fun, not about hurting
[08:30] Meg Madrigal: ?
[08:30] Winter (winterthyme): Brandi has a question, then Missy, then Vivfienne
[08:30] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so bluffing shows the true colors of your captive, can they RP or are they just "untouchable"
[08:30] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and whne downe,d yes, you should not be able to run
[08:30] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): who is next?
[08:30] Winter (winterthyme): brandi
[08:30] Brandi Lauria: all good - I got my answer .  Death - ban 1 hour -  wont be able to haunt them for one hour as s ghost  :)  all in white .. floating  lol
[08:31] Winter (winterthyme): ok - Missy?
[08:31] Missy Glenwalker (missy1giordano): I would expect that once captured, the person captured cannot im back to their camp that they have been captured I know a lot do it. What are your thoughts?
[08:31] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): again: poor RP, and self-control freak.
[08:31] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): most issues come to that, really
[08:31] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): what helps is: address it upfront, in IM. like "what do you fear? why do you need to call otehrs and stay in control?
[08:32] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): stay calm, reasonable, and friendly
[08:32] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if they react upset, keep in mind, blood pressure rises RL
[08:32] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): give them time, 5-10 minutes
[08:32] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): try again
[08:32] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): andif they still behave bad, untie them send them home, look for new RPers...
[08:32] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): to cmpare:
[08:32] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): my quoata for good RPers...
[08:33] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if i encounter 10 plays...
[08:33] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): one on one
[08:33] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): 1 sticks
[08:33] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): 5 i drop
[08:33] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and on 4 i surf the web acozu i am bored but polity
[08:33] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): *polite
[08:33] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it is hard to find the good RP match
[08:33] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it is like dancing
[08:33] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and often your toes get bruised
[08:34] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it takes two to tango
[08:34] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so do not get discouraged
[08:34] Winter (winterthyme): especially in Paris. Vivienne had a further question
[08:34] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the other one is not "mean to you"...
[08:34] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the other one had just difgfernt expectations
[08:34] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that is why i don't tell them if they are boring... "hey you are bboring" - also i am pretty sure, many find me boring
[08:34] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i just will avoid more RP with them later on :)
[08:35] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): noneed to huir tpeeps
[08:35] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Vivienne
[08:35] Vivienne Schell: add on to previous topic on caps: when winter and sugar capped me i took one hit and then stopped running. and they had me. fortunately it only was my toes they hit, but i couldn´t run away anymore (i COULD have done so easily) but i was eager for the rp, not for running all over the place. BUT! if i tie up a victim in text CORRECTLY (binnds arms and ...blabla), then go over a sim border and the leash fails and then the victim runs, well...i don´t like that..and it happens all the time.
[08:35] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): 1 out of 10 will stay
[08:35] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): sad but is so
[08:36] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): however....
[08:36] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i must say..
[08:36] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): steady rinsing and repeating helps
[08:36] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): we have here a higher RP standard than in most other regions i visit occasionally (yes, the para RPers of those !i fall asleep while you post" regions will hate me now
[08:36] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): we are on a good way
[08:37] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but you will always find the control freak as well as the noob - and we all werew noobs once
[08:37] Winter (winterthyme): Meg had a question too
[08:37] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): meg?
[08:37] Meg Madrigal: some bring OOC anger to a so-called rp
[08:37] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes
[08:37] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): because they can't differentiate
[08:38] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): is the same like when i, naked, blonde, naive..
[08:38] Meg Madrigal: then, the coool calm objective attitude you've described. will not work
[08:38] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): am treated with utmost respect
[08:38] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): people all the time mix OC informations
[08:38] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and OOC angert
[08:38] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and OOC joy
[08:38] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): into IC thjings - also here, all the time: stay calm, rinse, repeat. and also:
[08:38] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): as supporter:
[08:38] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you have eject rights
[08:39] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): at a certain point, dumb and sassy can't be cured
[08:39] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): eject and move on
[08:39] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i do so too and it is liberating
[08:39] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now.. who is next?
[08:39] Meg Madrigal: thanks...
[08:39] Winter (winterthyme): that is all the questions for the moment
[08:40] Lara (maryroe): ?
[08:40] Winter (winterthyme): ah - Lara
[08:40] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Lara :)
[08:40] Lara (maryroe): a few things actually so please bear with me
[08:40] Lucky Laburnum: ?
[08:40] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): take your time :)
[08:43] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): meanwhile, while lara writes..
[08:43] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): let me load my word list, so you see my dialect
[08:44] Lara (maryroe): i have received some ooc anger re a fight our group had a few days ago someone threatened to kill me if i didn't take binds, it was literally too laggy for me to take anything. 2. just curious about how can we as players protect ourselves from that  3. are you guys open to hearing improvements on the meter? i have a number of observations
[08:45] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so, now my word list is loaded. if my words is a bit not clear, then u know why that is so :)
[08:45] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i am in blonde mode :D
[08:45] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): meter: we can talk about later after this class
[08:45] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you can't add on a bind coz of lag...
[08:46] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): then you want p'raps to have cuffs or sumthing ready n explain im IM that you are not ready to take the bind. buuuut a neat Rper wud then simply describe to bind you n drag you verbally along
[08:46] Vivienne Schell: ?
[08:46] Winter (winterthyme): Lucky had a question
[08:46] Lucky Laburnum: How would you handle someone who gave bad RP in the past and then they, say, cap you or get involved in your RP again and you don't want to interact with them?
[08:46] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): (wi was not ready
[08:46] Winter (winterthyme): sorry!
[08:47] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): OOC anger: you can tell them in IM to calm down, n to take a walk outsiode, RL or a smoke or wotever
[08:47] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): make clear in IM; but calm n reasonmable, that you are not taking any of that
[08:48] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Lucky:
[08:48] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if they keep capping you...
[08:48] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ask first open n upfront why.
[08:48] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): go from there...
[08:48] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if it won't beter at all, keep logs n if it is harassment it is gorund for banning
[08:48] Lucky Laburnum: I usually try to RP it out
[08:48] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): we talk about RP, not stalking
[08:49] Lucky Laburnum: but that might not work sometimes
[08:49] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): let me do it again this,for the "rogues"..
[08:49] Lucky Laburnum: ok
[08:49] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you keep capturing peeps who made clear that they hat eit, an d you do so day..
[08:49] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you might face consequences
[08:49] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok
[08:50] Marie (isahar.asadar): ?
[08:50] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Vivienne is next i believe?
[08:50] Winter (winterthyme): yes
[08:50] Vivienne Schell: talking of lag: it always happens that people who are capped (even if the leash works and they are down), STAND. wouldn´t it be nice when people who got capped (in text only, due to lag) in a larger battle (not 1:1 combat) would step out of the way into some corner? they
easily can be klled by accident , really. and it all becomes very confusing if they all stand there, inmidst of the action.
[08:50] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you can talk about that with them :) we can t make a rule for that - rules all the time have a huge disadvantage:
[08:51] Vivienne Schell: just switch off AO if you are down, helps
[08:51] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the next new person wil not know them n so ignore them
[08:51] Winter (winterthyme): Marie also had a question when you are ready Sugar
[08:51] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Marie, shoot
[08:51] Marie (isahar.asadar): About the Medic Role : Do I have to be friendly and nice, just because I'm a medic, or is it okay also from time to time ... indicate my evil side? I would not usually be with rogues in a crew, if I would not also predisposed like that . What is clear is that I will and can not hurt anybody with a weapon, but that does not mean that I can not threat with words ( even those are only empty words ) or otherwise may be as nasty, right?
[08:51] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the roles are only a shell, a mask, a tag..
[08:51] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): how you fill it is your call
[08:51] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you can be evil
[08:52] Marie (isahar.asadar): thank you
[08:52] Marie (isahar.asadar): *grins
[08:52] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): any ? left?
[08:52] Winter (winterthyme): nope
[08:52] M.Ð. ⓜⓔⓛⓐⓝⓘⓔ ツ (melanie.hareshide): ?
[08:52] Winter (winterthyme): ah melanie
[08:52] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): shoot
[08:53] M.Ð. ⓜⓔⓛⓐⓝⓘⓔ ツ (melanie.hareshide): I just want to apologize for crashing so many times right now, you may have covered this, but what viewer would you recommend?
[08:53] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): not singularity
[08:53] M.Ð. ⓜⓔⓛⓐⓝⓘⓔ ツ (melanie.hareshide): that's the one I have :/
[08:54] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you are on win or mac, the LL viewer is the best
[08:54] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you need extras, then Firestorm
[08:54] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i also like kokua tho it has bugs
[08:54] M.Ð. ⓜⓔⓛⓐⓝⓘⓔ ツ (melanie.hareshide): thank you! :)
[08:54] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you need RLV; then FS or kokua
[08:54] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): :)
[08:55] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok, last part, conflicts:
[08:55] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): partly covered by the earlier talks
[08:55] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): in my mornings, i findlogs, n am called names, or others are called names...
[08:55] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): n then it is copied to me
[08:55] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): n it is sometimes amusing, sometimes sobering
[08:56] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): we can not do it again it lots enough:
[08:56] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): You are an adult. Act like one
[08:56] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): for captives:
[08:56] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): If you are capped and you find it unfair, analyze first: what do i lose if I simply go with the flow now?
[08:56] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): rinse n repeat:
[08:56] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): what do you lose if you simply stay captured?
[08:56] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): quit control!
[08:57] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): repeating what i said to Luckies comment earlier:
[08:57] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): If you are capped every day by the same people and you do not like it, make clear to them that you do not like it
[09:02] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): what i said about captives, here the counterpart for the bad guys:#
[09:03] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): do not confuse RP with bullying. If your RP style is not what your neighbour likes, stop RPing with them in that same old way. They want to have fun, like you do. there is no point in forcing your RP on them
[09:03] Lara (maryroe): i have a question about personal rp ban lists, are they ok?
[09:03] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): sure
[09:03] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now.. one thing i learned today:
[09:03] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): "i lose my HUD when i take of my binding.. that is my viewer"
[09:04] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): we do not care - truly
[09:04] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): because we can't even see whtehr that is valid
[09:04] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so, get a viewer where that does not occur
[09:04] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the person uses singularity, by the way :)
[09:04] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so, with that.. i s'pose we are ready :)
[09:05] Winter (winterthyme): Any final questions?
[09:05] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ask them now or neeevah!
[09:06] Winter (winterthyme): Sugar is not used to concentrating so hard for so long... :p
[09:06] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant) grins
[09:06] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): There is something I wanted to ask
[09:06] Femke Peccable: don not promise tat
[09:06] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): please do
[09:07] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): Well: I did this recently which I am sure now I should not of, but - Is it such a bad thing to put Real life first? I was using my phone and got capped - Yes that is my fault - But I explained to my captives why I could not rp them and they ignored me, how should that be sorted? ((I take the blame for that incident btw))
[09:07] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): things happen :)
[09:07] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you get capped with your phone.. then.. well :)
[09:08] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but i envy you :P
[09:08] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): see, i can rescript the whole HUD in the middle here
[09:08] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): n wongt get capped :D
[09:08] lovestick Ormega: raises hand
[09:08] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): lovestick
[09:08] Vivienne Schell: i#d suggest that you tp right into my prison cell once you log back with a viewer the, pandora
[09:08] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): Well I don't mind being capped but I physically could not rp then - is it fine to say something like "I am on phone right now when I am on proper viewer I will come to you as your captive?"
[09:09] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes, that works
[09:09] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes, that works
[09:09] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): I did try to say I would do that but I was being spammed with the "You can not look this far" message
[09:09] Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): q
[09:10] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): oh yes.. that is .. when u use lumiya or so .. as it has no suport for that lsl call..
[09:10] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): we have no way to workaround that
[09:10] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): Yes I was on metaverse (iphone you can not even walk)
[09:10] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): indeed
[09:10] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): But still I was at fault, I just wanted to know how to deal for future
[09:10] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): And my apologies go to those involved
[09:11] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): maybe.. i will skip the far look when you are at the safe zone
[09:11] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i will s'pose of that
[09:11] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): *think
[09:11] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): lovestick ?
[09:11] Winter (winterthyme): Maybe we go to Saucy?
[09:12] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): sure, if lovestick is busy..
[09:12] Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): sure
[09:12] Vivienne Schell: ?
[09:12] lovestick Ormega: bullets are so small arrows work he same why not have one set of amo since the bullets are always out ,plus crock and panther meat disappear to fast
[09:12] Winter (winterthyme): aha
[09:12] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): oh yah :)
[09:12] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): errm i have to confess:
[09:13] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the meat is too easy too catch, it was a mistake on my part, that you can "touch" it from far away
[09:13] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): thanmks for reminding me, i wil lfix that :D
[09:13] Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): the other day there was a big battle at volcano.. someone was killed but she came back 10 seconds after. what was that?
[09:13] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i can't relate to that as i have no logs.
[09:14] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if such occurs, report it when it occurs
[09:14] Winter (winterthyme): Vivienne also has a question when you are ready
[09:14] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): even when we are offline
[09:14] Lara (maryroe): ?
[09:14] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Vivienne
[09:14] Vivienne Schell: something i have "rented" 400 prims, and another member of my group here has rented another 150. all together 550. but the other person does not have all the nice stuff i have and my inv items are all no transfer anyway. basically , is it possible to merge the prim allowance for a group?
[09:14] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): :)
[09:14]  乇ηýα   (0hnoitsme): IMs revy ..i can tell you whut that was xD
[09:15] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes, you can, Winter has alist n if you tell him he wil take care of that
[09:15] Vivienne Schell: excellent!!
[09:15] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): Puuurfect
[09:15] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): who is next?
[09:15] Winter (winterthyme) grumbles and thinks about the complexity of my spreadsheets but smiels sweetly
[09:15] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): :)
[09:15] Meg Madrigal: laughs
[09:15] Winter (winterthyme): Lara
[09:15] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): he is like the smart one here. i am blonde .. soo that is fun !
[09:16] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Lara, shoot
[09:16] Lara (maryroe): suggestions about the meter from Namida: health at 5 instead at 8 for an hour; my sugestions: visible capture bubble, different strength for different weapons like f. ex. in gorean meter arrow has one strength melee has another and in dcs its the same as well melee has a strength ranged another and bullet another too ...
[09:16] Lara (maryroe): i like the limits in ammunition, they make it more realistic
[09:16] Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): bahahahahaha
[09:17] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): when shud the reduced health kick in?
[09:17] Lara (maryroe): after regaining consciousness
[09:17] Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): they want guns > bows i see
[09:18] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i copied that in the list n we will see.. i can't promise quick adjustments there. as weapons are a touchy topic n we test a lot be4 we release
[09:18] Lara (maryroe): makes sense that guns have more stopping power than bows
[09:18] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant) smiles
[09:18] JD (jd75080): question?
[09:18] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): JD; please ask
[09:18] JD (jd75080): just a suggestion/request: could you increase the number of trading tables? it takes so long to wait in line and also the one by one exchange is so slow. an exchange of multiple items at once would be very helpful.
[09:19] Lara (maryroe): amen JD
[09:19] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant) smiles at W "he is the trader
[09:20] Winter (winterthyme) grins "We have some plans in that space - I will say no more than that at the moment"
[09:20] Ðᴇᴀɴ Ðᴇcᴇɴcʏᴅᴇғɪᴇᴅ (dean4225): Earlier splash hits had no affect on people. But since a few days now, the ones who are standing next to the person actually getting shot, are downed too.
[09:21] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that is somethign we are working on
[09:21] Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): q
[09:21] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Saucy
[09:21] Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): guns jam, let's reflect that in hud
[09:22] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): they do wot?
[09:22] Ðᴇᴀɴ Ðᴇcᴇɴcʏᴅᴇғɪᴇᴅ (dean4225): :)
[09:22] Winter (winterthyme): get covered in jam?
[09:22] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): Pb and j?
[09:22] Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): jam as in bullets get stuck
[09:22]  乇ηýα   (0hnoitsme): indeed in reality the gun can jam up xD
[09:23] Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): yup
[09:23]  乇ηýα   (0hnoitsme): not that i ever used one..TV you know..
[09:23] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ah okies :)
[09:23]  乇ηýα   (0hnoitsme): giggles
[09:23] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant) smiles
[09:23] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i need to check first how i can implement it in a clear n straight way
[09:23] Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): since they want more damage per shot
[09:23] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): Would be better at Random, Saucy
[09:24] Meg Madrigal: and bow strings breaking.....
[09:24] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): But the people using bows should have a handicap too
[09:24] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): Or seems unfair
[09:24] Lara (maryroe): agreed, random jamming
[09:24] Rain (jonessss): uns dont work here anyway
[09:24] Winter (winterthyme): Maybe we add bow users beign stung by insects too, .. :p
[09:24] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): I was thinking more
[09:24] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): The flight could break?
[09:24] Lara (maryroe): Rain: you need hud ammo for guns to work
[09:24]  乇ηýα   (0hnoitsme): oh randomly, even better
[09:24] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): If that is broken then... Surely the bow will not fly?
[09:24] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): the arrow I mean
[09:25] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ook.
[09:25] Rain (jonessss): i get the shots from the shop
[09:25] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you see, weapons are a sensible topic :D
[09:25] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): I just think it is unfair to only handicap the gun users in fights
[09:25] Meg Madrigal: laughs
[09:25] Winter (winterthyme): Everyone has their own view on weapons and shots :-) But today we talk about roleplay ... :-)
[09:25] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): Sorry...
[09:25] Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): point is, ammo rule is good as it is
[09:25] Rain (jonessss): i think the huds fine as is now
[09:26] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): okies :)
[09:26] Rain (jonessss): all the changes to often messes it it up
[09:26] Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): oh my god i want better bullets~~
[09:26] Winter (winterthyme): Does anyone have any more roleplay questions?
[09:26] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): last valentines i was close to make each arow spread hearts
[09:26] Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): oh my god i wanna shoot 50 shots
[09:26]  乇ηýα   (0hnoitsme): ~throws a green sit ball at rain~ .
[09:26] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok, RP ?-s anyone?
[09:27] Brandi Lauria: -cupidbow . ok __
[09:27] Rain (jonessss): ducks and takes notes
[09:27] Lara (maryroe): no, i'll stay for more meter suggestions though
[09:27] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): oh I have one
[09:27] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): I have seen this done actually
[09:27] Winter (winterthyme): Then I would liek to thank Sugar for her concentration and her really good talk
[09:28] Winter (winterthyme): and thank you all for coming and taking an active part in the discussion
[09:28] Meg Madrigal: yes, thank you Sugar
[09:28] Ðᴇᴀɴ Ðᴇcᴇɴcʏᴅᴇғɪᴇᴅ (dean4225): Thank you Sugar! :)
[09:28]  乇ηýα   (0hnoitsme): ~applauds~ actually enjoyed the session xD
[09:28] AlishaKnight: thankyou
[09:28] Vivienne Schell applaudes
[09:28] Brandi Lauria: -Pandora has a question -
[09:28] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it was our plesure :)
[09:28] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): When I was by the Corsair ship ((not saying any names)) I seen someone camming through walls and sitting on objects to get to the jail cell.out... That is cheating right?
[09:28] Ðᴇᴀɴ Ðᴇcᴇɴcʏᴅᴇғɪᴇᴅ (dean4225): Thank you Winter too! :)
[09:28] JD (jd75080): Thanks Sugar and Winter...
[09:28] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): kay thanks! for coming all !
[09:28] Rain (jonessss): yep good meeting ,. thankiess
[09:28] ραℵᴅσяα (dreammystery): And thanks you :)
[09:28] Meg Madrigal: these words... are now "most current reference" for rp ? because people are having "heated" discussions
[09:29] Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes. you can take them as reference
[09:29] Winter (winterthyme): They will be on the blog shortly
[09:29] Meg Madrigal: thank you VERY MUCH, Sugar
[09:29] Hawthorne Beltane Flower (hawthorneblossom): thank you ♥hugs all♥

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