Friday, June 12, 2015

Roleplay Discussion 12 June

Verbatim Transcript from the roleplay class/discussion on Friday 12 June

[2015/06/12 09:04]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Thank you all for taking the time to come over...
[2015/06/12 09:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): If you have questions, we require that you follow these steps:
 make a ? in public chat
 type ahead what you want to ask but do NOT send it
 wait till your name is called, then send what you wrote.
 This way we are keeping the flow.
[2015/06/12 09:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): in this RP class we wil cover in the start some basic settings
[2015/06/12 09:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): settigns for a more fluent SL
[2015/06/12 09:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): technical sides
[2015/06/12 09:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and then look into the RP aspects
[2015/06/12 09:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i do not give canned sentences but type life. that means two things:
[2015/06/12 09:06]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): typos, if you find them, are free
[2015/06/12 09:06]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and i can take a bit time to type
[2015/06/12 09:06]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): hence the point that if you want to ask, questions are always welcome, but make a ? first and then weait til you are called
[2015/06/12 09:06]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now, let us start with the viewer
[2015/06/12 09:07]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Most viewers try to adjust their settings to what they think they find on your computer...
[2015/06/12 09:07]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and most viewers fail with that
[2015/06/12 09:07]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): as result you have setting sthat do not match your needs,
[2015/06/12 09:07]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): one of the things most often underestiamted, is the draw distance
[2015/06/12 09:08]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you have a draw distance of 256 metersd, your vier tries to rezz up to the horizon ,all stuff, that you most likely anyway never will look at, just because, you told the viewer to do so
[2015/06/12 09:08]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and while in many regions it is ok, as, they are just one region...
[2015/06/12 09:08]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): in larger areas, like here, you can that way force your viewer to rezz up to four regions, if you stand in one corner...
[2015/06/12 09:08]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): four regions, with all avatars in them
[2015/06/12 09:09]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and then yes, then you may well lag
[2015/06/12 09:09]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so, it really makes no sense for Roleplay and normal exploring, like her ein the amazon, to have a draw distance of more than 96 meters
[2015/06/12 09:09]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): in firestorm and some other viewers, you can type in chat "dd 96" to achieve that
[2015/06/12 09:09]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): or you go via preferences/graphics
[2015/06/12 09:10]  NM-090615: Now at Rio Solimoes Amazon River - Eight regions - one river! 155./63.3/24.7
[2015/06/12 09:10]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): once you are there, at the preferences, then you can check in the graphics also whethe royu need the "shadow and light" effect..
[2015/06/12 09:10]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you just explore, then you can swithc the "Sun and Moon" shadows off
[2015/06/12 09:10]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): they out a reall ybig load on your graphic card
[2015/06/12 09:11]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you use NViodia, and are a bit savvy of your computer, look at this link:
[2015/06/12 09:11]  Jaq Hughes (mushueucalyptus): ?
[2015/06/12 09:11]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant):
[2015/06/12 09:11]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the screenshots there are dated, the technmology behind not
[2015/06/12 09:11]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it explains how you can achieve up to 50% more performance from your Nvidia card
[2015/06/12 09:12]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Jaq?
[2015/06/12 09:12]  Lucky Laburnum: ?
[2015/06/12 09:12]  Jaq Hughes (mushueucalyptus): I'm using firestorm
[2015/06/12 09:12]  Jaq Hughes (mushueucalyptus): and I'm not sure where to change the sun and moon shadow settings.
[2015/06/12 09:12]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): preferencse, graphics...
[2015/06/12 09:13]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): there then in the graphjics, in the general tab
[2015/06/12 09:13]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and there "Shadows"
[2015/06/12 09:13]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): a drop down menu
[2015/06/12 09:13]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): set to "none"
[2015/06/12 09:13]  Jaq Hughes (mushueucalyptus): Yeah
[2015/06/12 09:13]  Jaq Hughes (mushueucalyptus): It won't let me change it.
[2015/06/12 09:13]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i would always set it "ON" for picture taking.. but never for day to day RP
[2015/06/12 09:13]  Jaq Hughes (mushueucalyptus): But it's set to none.
[2015/06/12 09:13]  Jaq Hughes (mushueucalyptus): Ah, okay.
[2015/06/12 09:14]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ah then you have not ticked on the "Atmospheric" or "Advancaed" boxes above
[2015/06/12 09:14]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): then you are good also
[2015/06/12 09:14]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): they are even less eyecandy, ifd disabled
[2015/06/12 09:14]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Lucky?
[2015/06/12 09:14]  Jaq Hughes (mushueucalyptus): Awesome, thank you.
[2015/06/12 09:14]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you're welcome :)
[2015/06/12 09:14]  Lucky Laburnum: can I just add that if you want to take nice pictures,  you might want to increase graphics detail and draw distance and other things, but then put them back again when finished.
[2015/06/12 09:14]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes, totes right :)
[2015/06/12 09:15]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok..
[2015/06/12 09:15]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): noe the next point...
[2015/06/12 09:15]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): your avatar..
[2015/06/12 09:15]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): one thing we noticed lhere, increasingly, is that the SL model is a bit reachigns its limits with attachment points
[2015/06/12 09:15]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you have 32 only
[2015/06/12 09:16]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that includes your HUDs
[2015/06/12 09:16]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now imagine.. balloon boobs, phat arse - or a cock.. and pubes...
[2015/06/12 09:16]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): all attachments
[2015/06/12 09:16]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): then a HUD for this, a HUD for that
[2015/06/12 09:16]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and your meshj clothes, mesh head, hair
[2015/06/12 09:17]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if things fail to attach, here at the amazon, we can confirm that there are so far, only two known reasons:
[2015/06/12 09:17]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the first is singularity - it seems to have a problem with the latest LL enhancements in scripts. which we use here
[2015/06/12 09:17]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you use that viewer - we are sorry
[2015/06/12 09:17]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and the other is, that you exceeded 32 attachments
[2015/06/12 09:18]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): attaching more fails silently
[2015/06/12 09:18]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): ?
[2015/06/12 09:18]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so, then try simply to take one item off and one more run
[2015/06/12 09:18]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): luis?
[2015/06/12 09:18]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): gracias, en este punto hay una tercer variante para moda mesh
[2015/06/12 09:18]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): thank you, at this point there is a third variant fashion mesh
[2015/06/12 09:18]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): los creadores por lo general adjuntan todo a la mano derecha
[2015/06/12 09:18]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): creators usually attached all right hand
[2015/06/12 09:19]  Kailyr: ?
[2015/06/12 09:19]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): y esto causa problemas en especial si eres fanatico de rlv
[2015/06/12 09:19]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): and this causes problems especially if you're a fan of rlv
[2015/06/12 09:19]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that is correct...
[2015/06/12 09:19]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): however, that is RLV specific..
[2015/06/12 09:19]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): as for the script and load and performance thing....
[2015/06/12 09:19]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you can indeed attach 32 things at your right hand
[2015/06/12 09:19]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and then nothign else elsewhere
[2015/06/12 09:19]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but for RLV-strip it is a major pain, yes :)
[2015/06/12 09:19]  Winter (winterthyme): Kailyr had a question also Sugar, when you are ready
[2015/06/12 09:20]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes, Kailyr, shoot
[2015/06/12 09:20]  Kailyr: eduard, if it is rigged you can attach it anywhere using the "attach to" menu. it will go at its good place. my question is..what is the impact of a mesh body.
[2015/06/12 09:20]  Kailyr: full one
[2015/06/12 09:20]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes, rigged mesh you can manually select any point.. and the impact of a mesh body is 1 attachment point
[2015/06/12 09:20]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but if you use, lets sday, slink
[2015/06/12 09:21]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): then you have the body=1
[2015/06/12 09:21]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the hands=1
[2015/06/12 09:21]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the feet=1
[2015/06/12 09:21]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so three
[2015/06/12 09:21]  Kailyr: yes. true. and its hud
[2015/06/12 09:21]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): right
[2015/06/12 09:21]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): my body is 1
[2015/06/12 09:21]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and a HUD (which i seldom use)
[2015/06/12 09:21]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but that varies really
[2015/06/12 09:22]  Kailyr: i was worrying of scripts also. but that later then
[2015/06/12 09:22]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now.. one topic, that cause the most irritations and misunderstandigns...
[2015/06/12 09:22]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that is
[2015/06/12 09:22]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): scripts! :D
[2015/06/12 09:22]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): tadaa!
[2015/06/12 09:22]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): we all know and i hate) them script counters at region entrances
[2015/06/12 09:22]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): they are uselesss, to put it blank
[2015/06/12 09:22]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the topic i wil explain now very simplified
[2015/06/12 09:23]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): scripts are executed by the server, usually...
[2015/06/12 09:23]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the region=the server
[2015/06/12 09:23]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so if we have 100 scripts.. the server runs 100 scripts
[2015/06/12 09:23]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): BUT
[2015/06/12 09:23]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): a few years ago LL introduced somethign called "Mono"
[2015/06/12 09:24]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and ok, they messed it up so very badly, that it paralyzed SL for almost two years, the mono bug.. but that is all past...
[2015/06/12 09:24]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): stil it damaged the "reputatioN" of scripts so badly,..
[2015/06/12 09:24]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that people stil think that it is so simple= many scripts=lag
[2015/06/12 09:24]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): this is, since, 3 or so years, not the case anymore
[2015/06/12 09:24]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the deal is:
[2015/06/12 09:25]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you load 1 script onto the server, lets say "Sctript A"
[2015/06/12 09:25]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and your neighbouar does the same, also has a "Script A"
[2015/06/12 09:25]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): then the server says "oh, look, i have twice the same script, so i simply run it twice, isntead of running two copies"
[2015/06/12 09:25]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you see:
[2015/06/12 09:25]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you can have 40 peopl ewearing the Amazon HUD in the same region
[2015/06/12 09:26]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the load on the server is = 1 HUD
[2015/06/12 09:26]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): this is actually pretty amazing - yet not so well known
[2015/06/12 09:26]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the tricky thing is.. i can not say what scripts you are wearong
[2015/06/12 09:26]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you wear:
[2015/06/12 09:26]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): 1. amazon HUD
[2015/06/12 09:26]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): 1 Mama Allpa
[2015/06/12 09:27]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and maybe 1 "Maike Hugger" - then you wear exactly what i wear, in scripts
[2015/06/12 09:27]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but if you wear a different "hugger"
[2015/06/12 09:27]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): then your script, for that HUD, adds to the server
[2015/06/12 09:27]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so, it is impossible to say, how 40 avatars affect the server
[2015/06/12 09:27]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): 40 avatars wearing all the same stuff count as 1
[2015/06/12 09:27]  Kailyr: ?
[2015/06/12 09:28]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): ?
[2015/06/12 09:28]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but 40 avatars all different attachemtns,s count as 40
[2015/06/12 09:28]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): bottom line: to say "oh, you have many scripts you cause lag" is simply wrong and won't be "more true" just because everyone says so
[2015/06/12 09:28]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Kailyr ?
[2015/06/12 09:28]  Winter (winterthyme): Yamanah had a question, when you are ready also
[2015/06/12 09:28]  Kailyr: are the script all same impact? example i wear a hair that can be resized "on touch". it stays inactive if i dont touch. then i wear my belleza hud (touch also) and my weapone say drawed
[2015/06/12 09:29]  Kailyr: weapon*
[2015/06/12 09:29]  Kailyr: do they run in same way?
[2015/06/12 09:29]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): no, scripts vary in size. and one .. errr. messed up detail.. brouhght to us by LL is, that even "sleepign scripts" eat as much memory as running scripts
[2015/06/12 09:29]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so...
[2015/06/12 09:29]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): lets say
[2015/06/12 09:30]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you have an old sculpted hair, with 200 prims
[2015/06/12 09:30]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and in each prim is the same resizer script
[2015/06/12 09:30]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if the script then is "Mono", it counts as 1
[2015/06/12 09:30]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if the hair is *really* old, it counts as 200
[2015/06/12 09:30]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): your chance to see that? none
[2015/06/12 09:30]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the topic is really too fuzzy, the tools one has to analyze, are too thin
[2015/06/12 09:31]  Kailyr: not even if i check my own scripts?
[2015/06/12 09:31]  Kailyr: pie menu?
[2015/06/12 09:31]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): then it says "so and so many in sleeping state" which is already the thing that is not relevant, as the lsleeping scripts cause the same server load
[2015/06/12 09:31]  Kayra the Imp (kayra.rae): is offline.
[2015/06/12 09:31]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): also..
[2015/06/12 09:32]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it will count your amazon HUD - then you think "OMGOSH - X scritps in that HUD"...
[2015/06/12 09:32]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but as everyone here runs that exact same HUD - the load is again not important
[2015/06/12 09:32]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so.. one can only say:
[2015/06/12 09:32]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): do not fret about attachments, wher you see, really everyone uses it
[2015/06/12 09:32]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): like, for the men, xcite or aeros...
[2015/06/12 09:33]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): for the weapons, LR, i guess, many use here..
[2015/06/12 09:33]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and as mating HUD, mama allpa...
[2015/06/12 09:33]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i guess it is fair to assume, that here, in this setting, this setup is fairly common
[2015/06/12 09:33]  Winter (winterthyme): Yamanah had a question
[2015/06/12 09:33]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and more exotic attachments, like that "free radar hud" that just püopped up, well, you decide :)
[2015/06/12 09:33]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Yamanah?
[2015/06/12 09:34]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): So it would be good, if we all drop any other Swim HUDs and use the one we get here? And would it make sense to post a list somewhere, what scripts are used by many people, anyway, so we need not have a bad conscience when wearing that, as well?
[2015/06/12 09:34]  GEO (geogetta): ?
[2015/06/12 09:34]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): like you said aeros or xcite
[2015/06/12 09:34]  Jaq Hughes (mushueucalyptus): ?
[2015/06/12 09:35]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if all used that swim hud, it would reduce the load. but i see the practical obstacles.. such classses, and informations as we run now, last exactly one hour or two.. then enough new visitors arrive who do not know where the blog is, that we huse swim HUDs etc
[2015/06/12 09:35]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): we can only repeat and then repeat it again but i would not like to force people..
[2015/06/12 09:35]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): like "oh i bought an AO for 1000 L$ with swim HUD in it and wairt, i can't use it here?
[2015/06/12 09:36]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): they would not like it, and until i got there to reason it out they would have left :)
[2015/06/12 09:36]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): point taken
[2015/06/12 09:36]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and as a public board: as i said, they are also not very efficient. a script effect oin the server can vary big time also... there are things we did not mention yet even..
[2015/06/12 09:36]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): like, when you TP in
[2015/06/12 09:36]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): all scripts when you tp in, register with the server
[2015/06/12 09:37]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): common script counters wil faint then, as they say "OMG, like .. 30 MB???
[2015/06/12 09:37]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and 5 seconds latger ist is 3 MB
[2015/06/12 09:37]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and so on, the list is endless, really
[2015/06/12 09:37]  Winter (winterthyme): Geo had a question - then Jaq
[2015/06/12 09:37]  GEO (geogetta): i heard slink feet and hands are way high in scripts ?
[2015/06/12 09:37]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): No, I meant a list where we supply the info of what huds we easch use...
[2015/06/12 09:37]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ah such a list, we can look at, good idea, Yamanah, we wil add it to the todo list
[2015/06/12 09:38]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and Geo...
[2015/06/12 09:38]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): :)
[2015/06/12 09:38]  GEO (geogetta): smiles
[2015/06/12 09:38]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you can right click an attachment, and select from the menu the script info.. but as i mentioned, that infop is .. not helpful.. my point about scripts is simply:
[2015/06/12 09:38]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): don't sweat it
[2015/06/12 09:38]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): wear what you need
[2015/06/12 09:38]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): do not overdo it....
[2015/06/12 09:38]  GEO (geogetta): crocs ate them
[2015/06/12 09:38]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i have like 3 or 4 photography HUDs
[2015/06/12 09:39]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i do not wear them at the moment
[2015/06/12 09:39]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): as i don't take pics
[2015/06/12 09:39]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so, wear what you need :)
[2015/06/12 09:39]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and take off what you don't need
[2015/06/12 09:39]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and if someone runs a script counter: my regards: they need to learn more
[2015/06/12 09:39]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and if someone says "it is so laggy here because of the scripts" - same
[2015/06/12 09:40]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Jaq?
[2015/06/12 09:40]  menelao1970: ?
[2015/06/12 09:40]  menelao1970: gli hud delle gesture creano lag?
[2015/06/12 09:41]  Winter (winterthyme): menelao - please wait until you are called by Sugar to ask your question
[2015/06/12 09:41]  Jaq Hughes (mushueucalyptus): I just wanted to ask where we might find the swim hud but I'm guessing that info is on the blog?
[2015/06/12 09:42]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ah it is only a temp attachment... given out at one blue house and .. i think at Rio Grande.. but let me dig the marketplace link, hold on :)
[2015/06/12 09:42]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant):
[2015/06/12 09:42]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): this is the HUD
[2015/06/12 09:43]  Winter (winterthyme): and menelao had a question about gestures I think
[2015/06/12 09:43]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ask away, menelao
[2015/06/12 09:44]  menelao1970: what about active gesture and lag?
[2015/06/12 09:44]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): gestures are not scripts..
[2015/06/12 09:44]  menelao1970: ok
[2015/06/12 09:44]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): they are fine.. they can influence the sound queue but thats it
[2015/06/12 09:44]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): :)
[2015/06/12 09:44]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok
[2015/06/12 09:44]  menelao1970: thanks
[2015/06/12 09:44]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you're welcome :)
[2015/06/12 09:45]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now.. so far, our viewer is ready...
[2015/06/12 09:45]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the next topic is - who do i want to be - and why?
[2015/06/12 09:45]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): also a general question, for roleplay, here, and elsewhere
[2015/06/12 09:45]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): we wil lbreak it down to the amazon rules, but the thoughts and ideas behind apply for any RP area
[2015/06/12 09:46]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): there are two styles of RP, in general, i would say
[2015/06/12 09:46]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): one is the peaceful "day to day" RP.. as kids we played, in RL.. maybe "House"
[2015/06/12 09:46]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that "house" play, is to be found here, often with shaman RP, with day to day events like fishing, making celebrations and all that
[2015/06/12 09:47]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): also, many people who come here, for the surroundings, who want to take pictures,...
[2015/06/12 09:47]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): who just want to sit here and unwind...
[2015/06/12 09:47]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): stay "explorer" and if they RP they do it only light, in the "House" - style
[2015/06/12 09:47]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the other RP is more the conflict laden one..
[2015/06/12 09:47]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): predator and prey
[2015/06/12 09:47]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): D and s
[2015/06/12 09:48]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): raider and native
[2015/06/12 09:48]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): has many names, but yah, it is often the same, just the labels vary
[2015/06/12 09:48]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but what i found also often is: people "would like" to be one role but can't live up to it
[2015/06/12 09:49]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): one example is the "friendly agressor"
[2015/06/12 09:49]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): like "oh, i shot you, is it ok if i strip you now?"
[2015/06/12 09:49]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes, true story
[2015/06/12 09:49]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but also the aggressive prey
[2015/06/12 09:49]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): where fierce is not what i mean
[2015/06/12 09:49]  GEO (geogetta): giggles
[2015/06/12 09:49]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but really vile.. like "you motherfucker why did you shoot me, fuck of you bloody bastard"
[2015/06/12 09:49]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): also true story
[2015/06/12 09:50]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): both are examples where the person in case, has to ask him/herself - did i really chose for me the right role?
[2015/06/12 09:50]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you slap on a "lost" tag, you are prone to be hunted
[2015/06/12 09:50]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you slap on a rogue tag, you are expected to be hunted
[2015/06/12 09:50]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ah wait
[2015/06/12 09:50]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): wrong
[2015/06/12 09:50]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): as rogue, you are exepected TO HUNT !
[2015/06/12 09:51]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and if you want to chill, yah, then "settler" is cool
[2015/06/12 09:51]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): explorer even more so, as explorer you can't really hunt, but you are pretty well protectred from stray bullets
[2015/06/12 09:52]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): many want to be shaman, for thej love of nature or so.. I don't know - we stil hav eto figer why that role is so popular
[2015/06/12 09:52]  Kirrilynn Carden (kirrilynn): ?
[2015/06/12 09:52]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): in a moment :)
[2015/06/12 09:52]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): either way...
[2015/06/12 09:52]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): what i want to say is:
[2015/06/12 09:52]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): be clear about your own motivations
[2015/06/12 09:52]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you are a shy and timid person RL, you are not really a rogue
[2015/06/12 09:52]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): simpel as that
[2015/06/12 09:52]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and if you are a fierce, aggressive person, you are probably a bad prey
[2015/06/12 09:53]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now, when you decided for a role.. dress to that
[2015/06/12 09:53]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): do not run around in high heels here
[2015/06/12 09:53]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and as a rogue, don't wear a colalr and steel shackles
[2015/06/12 09:53]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): etc
[2015/06/12 09:53]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you get the picture
[2015/06/12 09:53]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Kirrilynn?
[2015/06/12 09:54]  Kirrilynn Carden (kirrilynn): was just wondering, if you start as "lost" can you move to "settler" or another role later?
[2015/06/12 09:54]  Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): ?
[2015/06/12 09:54]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes, anytime. seekers wil help you there
[2015/06/12 09:54]  Kirrilynn Carden (kirrilynn): thak you
[2015/06/12 09:54]  Kirrilynn Carden (kirrilynn): *thank
[2015/06/12 09:54]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): :)
[2015/06/12 09:54]  Winter (winterthyme): Read this link on the blog:
[2015/06/12 09:54]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): And Saucy?
[2015/06/12 09:54]  Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): i was gonna add on the shaman popularity
[2015/06/12 09:55]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): please do
[2015/06/12 09:56]  Saucy Revy (saucyrevy): some want to heal their tribe, some wanna take advantage of tons of health, and some, for example, a certain seafaring group, used to overload shamans, like 3 per battle, to ensure victory
[2015/06/12 09:56]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): :D
[2015/06/12 09:56]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i will come to that too!
[2015/06/12 09:56]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok...
[2015/06/12 09:56]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now.. for the RP...
[2015/06/12 09:57]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the bst thing, if you have not done it yet.. is to immerse by disabling all the technmical aids your viewer provides
[2015/06/12 09:57]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): like.. the floating names
[2015/06/12 09:57]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i gathered that many people have trouble to separate IC and OOC...
[2015/06/12 09:57]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): In Character and Out Of Character
[2015/06/12 09:58]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so.. OUt of Character is how we are here
[2015/06/12 09:58]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): OOC is also that W and i run the technical part here
[2015/06/12 09:58]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now, people *assume* that if they meet W or me, that we have "superpowers"
[2015/06/12 09:58]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): while we can certainly do some administrativie thigns, like eject or so...
[2015/06/12 09:58]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): these are things we would not do in a RP
[2015/06/12 09:58]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): bnecause in a RP we are IC
[2015/06/12 09:59]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): now, with W and me, these exampels are obvious...
[2015/06/12 09:59]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so today i saw another thing in amazon chat
[2015/06/12 09:59]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): someone like "and they did not wear this and that tag"
[2015/06/12 09:59]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): let me ask back then.. (rethorical)...
[2015/06/12 09:59]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): are we wearing tags RL above our heads?
[2015/06/12 09:59]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): do you see it ont he nosetip that the person next to you RL is good or bad?
[2015/06/12 10:00]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): a tax evader? a big domor for a good cause?
[2015/06/12 10:00]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): is it written on their forehead?
[2015/06/12 10:00]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): not so
[2015/06/12 10:00]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): still people really rely ont he tags.. and by that..
[2015/06/12 10:00]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): they take away from their own RP
[2015/06/12 10:00]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): because of an assumption
[2015/06/12 10:00]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): "Oh, thjis one is a rogue, so i have to be already.. wary...
[2015/06/12 10:00]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): your rogue has no chance to surprise you anymore
[2015/06/12 10:01]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): "oh, this one is the admin, appraoch with caution"
[2015/06/12 10:01]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you just stole yourself the chance of some natural flowing RP with that
[2015/06/12 10:01]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): etc
[2015/06/12 10:01]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): try it for one day
[2015/06/12 10:01]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): disable the name tags
[2015/06/12 10:01]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): in your viewer, preferences...
[2015/06/12 10:01]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): general tab
[2015/06/12 10:01]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): "Name tags: OFF"
[2015/06/12 10:01]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): also take off your radars
[2015/06/12 10:02]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and then wander around
[2015/06/12 10:02]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): landing spot is cool but forest is cooler ! :)
[2015/06/12 10:02]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and then we come to what Saucy said, Shaman in the group to get the victory...
[2015/06/12 10:02]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): here.. everyone please ask themselves...
[2015/06/12 10:02]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): what is the aim of RP?
[2015/06/12 10:03]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the aim of RP is... to get RP
[2015/06/12 10:03]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the aim is NOT to win.
[2015/06/12 10:03]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): there is no "won battle"
[2015/06/12 10:03]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): there is no "points" lilke in an ego shooter
[2015/06/12 10:03]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): what is the very worst thing that could possibly happen to you if you lost a "battle"?
[2015/06/12 10:03]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you get RP
[2015/06/12 10:03]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and that is why you are here
[2015/06/12 10:04]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the idea why people want to win is very simple
[2015/06/12 10:04]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and i suffered the same foolish idea myself for years
[2015/06/12 10:04]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it is .. the will, by all means, to stay in control
[2015/06/12 10:04]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): ?
[2015/06/12 10:04]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that is why they run radars
[2015/06/12 10:04]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and hit meters that tell them who shot them
[2015/06/12 10:04]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): or even looks in Mouselook at them
[2015/06/12 10:04]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and why they want to be ready to winterthyme
[2015/06/12 10:04]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): to win!
[2015/06/12 10:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): (silly viewer)
[2015/06/12 10:05]  Winter (winterthyme): /me grins
[2015/06/12 10:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and these people cry also the loudest when they did not winterthyme
[2015/06/12 10:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): win!
[2015/06/12 10:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): like "took their HUD off" or "inmvalid weapoN" or "jumped too high" or "my ISP had anissue"
[2015/06/12 10:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): pffff
[2015/06/12 10:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): nonsense, all
[2015/06/12 10:06]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and when all of this fails, they come with a huge list of "limits" in their profile
[2015/06/12 10:06]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): read my limits
[2015/06/12 10:06]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i think they suffice
[2015/06/12 10:06]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): coz. really
[2015/06/12 10:06]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if the RP is bad, as in .. boring, i surf the web.. and drop a line every now and then...
[2015/06/12 10:06]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if the RP is bad as in distatesteful (by my standards)...
[2015/06/12 10:06]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i tell so in IM and take my leave
[2015/06/12 10:07]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): why bother with drama?
[2015/06/12 10:07]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): an d why dishonor at the first inconvenience?
[2015/06/12 10:07]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): keep two things ALWAYS in mind:
[2015/06/12 10:07]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): 1. you are not here to stay in control and to win - it is no shootergame...
[2015/06/12 10:07]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): 2. the other person is actuallly spending their RL lifetime to have some enjoyable moments with you
[2015/06/12 10:07]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): honor that
[2015/06/12 10:08]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if possible
[2015/06/12 10:08]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so i lsot track, Winter, who asked?
[2015/06/12 10:08]  Winter (winterthyme): Luis had a question when you are ready for it Sugar
[2015/06/12 10:08]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok, Luis
[2015/06/12 10:08]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): gracias pero mas que una pregunta es una guia
[2015/06/12 10:08]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): thanks but a question is a guide
[2015/06/12 10:08]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): tal vez sea muy nuevo para los simuladores, pero de juego de rol si he tenido experiencia
[2015/06/12 10:08]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): it may be very new to the simulators, RPG but if I had experience
[2015/06/12 10:09]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): este lugar en especial es un juego de rol en vida paralela, no estas jugando para un equipo, estas creando una vida
[2015/06/12 10:09]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): this place special is an RPG in parallel life, not playing for a team, you are creating a life
[2015/06/12 10:09]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): cuando creas una vida tiene su historia, caracter y comportamiento, vive la vida, dejala fluir, actua de acuerdo a la naturaleza
[2015/06/12 10:09]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): when you create a life has its history, character and behavior, live life, let it flow, acts according to nature
[2015/06/12 10:09]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): no es cuestion de agradar a todos, es cuestion de que te agrade ser como eres
[2015/06/12 10:09]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): there is no question of pleasing everyone, it's about that you like being you
[2015/06/12 10:09]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): gracias
[2015/06/12 10:09]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): thanks
[2015/06/12 10:09]  Jon Wilson (jonwilson): ?
[2015/06/12 10:10]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Thank you Luis :)
[2015/06/12 10:10]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and Jon?
[2015/06/12 10:10]  Jon Wilson (jonwilson): One issue Ive had with the whole limits thing is people who expect to do everything to you (which I don't have issue with) but then they wont allow anything to happen to them if they get captured - it's happened a few times and it is really disillusioning when it happens
[2015/06/12 10:10]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): /me grins "and no w is ay somethign which has caused last week already a constant flow of OMG; " Ims to me
[2015/06/12 10:10]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i don't read limits
[2015/06/12 10:11]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): see....
[2015/06/12 10:11]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): ?
[2015/06/12 10:11]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you are in the RL jungle.. and a crocodile is about to eat you..
[2015/06/12 10:11]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): Ha ha ha ha - he he he!!! =D
[2015/06/12 10:11]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): Ha ha ha ha - he he he !!! = D
[2015/06/12 10:11]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): try to say "no, that is my limit!"
[2015/06/12 10:11]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and if you are in a RL conflict, and someone is about to shoot you.. try to say "no, that is a limit"
[2015/06/12 10:11]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and also...
[2015/06/12 10:12]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): in most cases, wher epeople whione about "they violated my limit"...
[2015/06/12 10:12]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): these same people were already havign a run in capping others
[2015/06/12 10:12]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and then they were not gentle
[2015/06/12 10:12]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and on payback day they are cry babies
[2015/06/12 10:12]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the thing is simple...
[2015/06/12 10:12]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i hardly ever hunt myself
[2015/06/12 10:12]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): when i capture someone i try to kjeep it light...
[2015/06/12 10:12]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): a spanking maybe
[2015/06/12 10:12]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): some teasing
[2015/06/12 10:13]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and the same i get in return, if someone caps me
[2015/06/12 10:13]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): perfectly fine
[2015/06/12 10:13]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if i would go around and slit throats, i would have to expect the same to happen to me one day
[2015/06/12 10:13]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so, don't go into the kitchen if you can't stand the heat, play only as far as you would go on yourself
[2015/06/12 10:13]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): especially with peoiple you seldom rp withj
[2015/06/12 10:13]  Winter (winterthyme): Luis may have a further question I think
[2015/06/12 10:13]  Jon Wilson (jonwilson): ?
[2015/06/12 10:13]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Luis?
[2015/06/12 10:14]  Winter (winterthyme): and then Jon
[2015/06/12 10:14]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): bueno referente a eso de los limites, tu misma has dicho que en la vida real nadie respeta los limites
[2015/06/12 10:14]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): So good concerning the limits, you yourself have said that in real life no one respects the limits
[2015/06/12 10:14]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): en los juegos de rol es igual, porque los limites no lo impone la persona, lo impone es el ambiente
[2015/06/12 10:14]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): in RPGs it is the same, because the limits imposed by the person did not, what is the environment imposes
[2015/06/12 10:14]  Ezra (graypeterson): ?
[2015/06/12 10:14]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): si vives en un campo hostil no esperes nobles acciones
[2015/06/12 10:14]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): if you live in a hostile field not expect noble actions
[2015/06/12 10:15]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): y si tienes muchos limites necesitas vivir en un convento
[2015/06/12 10:15]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): and if you have many limits you need to live in a convent
[2015/06/12 10:15]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): rite
[2015/06/12 10:15]  Winter (winterthyme): Jon was next then Ezra
[2015/06/12 10:15]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Jon?
[2015/06/12 10:15]  Jon Wilson (jonwilson): So as I understand it you are saying if you have done something hardcore as a hunter you cant object to same in return if captured
[2015/06/12 10:15]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): /me asiente
[2015/06/12 10:15]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): /me nods
[2015/06/12 10:15]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes, exactly
[2015/06/12 10:15]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but!
[2015/06/12 10:16]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i also want to add here already, while i wil ladd to that more later..
[2015/06/12 10:16]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): we do not moderate ever
[2015/06/12 10:16]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so coming now to us with "jane doe freaked out when i wanted to pay back on her, here are the 1000 notecards"
[2015/06/12 10:16]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): is.. futile
[2015/06/12 10:16]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): really
[2015/06/12 10:16]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i don't read limits, and i don't read chatlogs
[2015/06/12 10:16]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it is sooo boring :)
[2015/06/12 10:16]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok?
[2015/06/12 10:16]  Winter (winterthyme): And Ezra had something to ask you
[2015/06/12 10:17]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Ezra :)
[2015/06/12 10:17]  Ezra (graypeterson): in terms of RP, what are you supposed to do if you are RPing organically but you run into someone with the most ridiculous limits for this sim (no violence, nothing sexual) are we supposed to stop and read all the profiles beforehand?
[2015/06/12 10:17]  Ezra (graypeterson): I know this was brought up, I just didn't see an answer
[2015/06/12 10:18]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): /me smiles
[2015/06/12 10:18]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): as a rule of thumb...
[2015/06/12 10:18]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if they wear the "explorer tag" leave them alone...
[2015/06/12 10:18]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if they wear any other tag.. enjoy !
[2015/06/12 10:19]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): because, yes...
[2015/06/12 10:19]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): ?
[2015/06/12 10:19]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): coming her with "No no no no" in profile as limit.. is.. dull
[2015/06/12 10:19]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and just yells for an extra lesson :)
[2015/06/12 10:19]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Yamanah?
[2015/06/12 10:20]  Kailyr: ?
[2015/06/12 10:20]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): Can you give out an "Explorer" floating text then, as after your council I do not see tags anymore... how can I know that I need to leave this explorer alone?
[2015/06/12 10:20]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): /me laughs
[2015/06/12 10:20]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): good point
[2015/06/12 10:20]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): ;)
[2015/06/12 10:20]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): errrr
[2015/06/12 10:20]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i will call it then colletral damage - Buish administration introduced it and got away so well with it, so we just follow them
[2015/06/12 10:20]  Winter (winterthyme): Kailyr had a question too
[2015/06/12 10:20]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Kailyr
[2015/06/12 10:21]  Ezra (graypeterson): hahaha
[2015/06/12 10:21]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): ahora sere daño colateral, que bien :P
[2015/06/12 10:21]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): Now I will be collateral damage than good: P
[2015/06/12 10:21]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): cool
[2015/06/12 10:21]  Winter (winterthyme): luis - please post ? and wait to be called
[2015/06/12 10:21]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): zorry
[2015/06/12 10:21]  Sabrina Gagliano: ?
[2015/06/12 10:21]  Winter (winterthyme): no worries :-)
[2015/06/12 10:21]  Kailyr: say no explorer tag - enjoy. but. what about tribes tags then...example.astarii is peaceful, neutral, no violence ....
[2015/06/12 10:21]  Ezra (graypeterson): ¿
[2015/06/12 10:22]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you want to be peaceful, that is well and good, and if a rogue wants to kidnap you?
[2015/06/12 10:22]  luis eduardo (eduardsirius): ((me disculpo, debo salir ahora, ha sido una reunion agradable, un buen dia para todos))
[2015/06/12 10:22]  eduardsirius Resident (Q-Translator es->en): ((I apologize, I must leave now, it has been a pleasant meeting, a good day for all))
[2015/06/12 10:23]  Kailyr: i would roleplay it.
[2015/06/12 10:23]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): good :) and now.. i want to point out as i also juust got an IM about "but my limits!!!"
[2015/06/12 10:23]  Kailyr: but i am not sure they all would. thats all.
[2015/06/12 10:23]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the thing i want to point out now goes to the "agressors"
[2015/06/12 10:23]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the aim here is, as i said, NOT, to win by all means
[2015/06/12 10:24]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so the aim is also NOT to push any limits just because you think you can
[2015/06/12 10:24]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): think about it
[2015/06/12 10:24]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): just because we say "you can't argue with an agressor" it does not mean that you are suddenly going rampant here as well
[2015/06/12 10:24]  GEO (geogetta): hi sunaru
[2015/06/12 10:24]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): because that is actually what one would call an amok runner
[2015/06/12 10:24]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so..
[2015/06/12 10:25]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you think it is fun for othrs that you are sudenly the cruel butcher..
[2015/06/12 10:25]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it is not
[2015/06/12 10:25]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and i don't know of any RL examples where people woul ddo so...
[2015/06/12 10:25]  Ezra (graypeterson): Jack the ripper?
[2015/06/12 10:25]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): unless they were anyway a case for the mental asylum
[2015/06/12 10:25]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): this here is a jungle, not more not less
[2015/06/12 10:25]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it is not a torture hell
[2015/06/12 10:25]  Ezra (graypeterson): ?
[2015/06/12 10:26]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and if you get off on pissing on your victims, you may look for a dungeon
[2015/06/12 10:26]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): in the jungle, people would simply not do that
[2015/06/12 10:26]  Winter (winterthyme): Sabrina had a question when you are ready Sugar, then Ezra
[2015/06/12 10:26]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): another example is.. limits and ToS
[2015/06/12 10:26]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so many write "i don't do.. " etc....
[2015/06/12 10:26]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): well, really?
[2015/06/12 10:26]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that is like writing "and i drink water"
[2015/06/12 10:27]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you signed up here into theis realm by acknowledginthe ToS
[2015/06/12 10:27]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so, you already stated that you wotn do it
[2015/06/12 10:27]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you then write it again, you just state the pretty obvious
[2015/06/12 10:27]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if someone tries to violate ToS withj you, AR them
[2015/06/12 10:27]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): there is a menu int he viewer
[2015/06/12 10:27]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): HELP- Report Abuse
[2015/06/12 10:27]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it works, for real
[2015/06/12 10:28]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that is not a limit, that is a ToS violation
[2015/06/12 10:28]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and those we certainly don't want here
[2015/06/12 10:28]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but that is so common sense, like, yah,, drinking water
[2015/06/12 10:28]  Winter (winterthyme): or gin
[2015/06/12 10:28]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): or that :)
[2015/06/12 10:28]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so, who is next?
[2015/06/12 10:28]  Winter (winterthyme): Sabrina
[2015/06/12 10:28]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok, Sabrina
[2015/06/12 10:29]  GEO (geogetta): ?
[2015/06/12 10:29]  Kirrilynn Carden (kirrilynn): ((hate to interrupt, but rl calls. thank you for all the great info and ideas. ))
[2015/06/12 10:29]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): :)
[2015/06/12 10:29]  Winter (winterthyme): maybe we skip to Ezra then and come back to Sabrina
[2015/06/12 10:30]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): shoot, Ezra
[2015/06/12 10:30]  Ezra (graypeterson): what about people playing as the more dangerous wildlife, such as big cats, or crocs? by the nature of what they are, they should be attacking pretty much anymore that comes in contact with them
[2015/06/12 10:30]  Ezra (graypeterson): (this goes back to your "we are not insane" speech
[2015/06/12 10:31]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if they would play realistic, yes.. and i shoot them on sight
[2015/06/12 10:31]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): coz i wud do that RL too
[2015/06/12 10:31]  Sabrina Gagliano: Some limits I really would not want people to cross... Can I tell them that OOC during roleplay and expect them to honor it? (I don't like golden shower/poo stuff, sex with animals, or sex with children, for example)
[2015/06/12 10:31]  Winter (winterthyme): Although I would add - big cats even are often cautious of humans and avoid them
[2015/06/12 10:31]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that too
[2015/06/12 10:31]  Sabrina Gagliano: But you already answered that last bit... ;-)
[2015/06/12 10:31]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok :)
[2015/06/12 10:31]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and Sabrina. yes. do so. and also:
[2015/06/12 10:31]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): again:
[2015/06/12 10:32]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): no one is ever forced here to RP
[2015/06/12 10:32]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you find the RP unpleasant.. try to mend it in IM
[2015/06/12 10:32]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if it fails tell them in IM that you are going now
[2015/06/12 10:32]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if they keep harassing you, report them
[2015/06/12 10:32]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): to us
[2015/06/12 10:32]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but the only thing you never get away with, ever, is to take off your HUD
[2015/06/12 10:32]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): because that opens another can of worms, which i dotn want
[2015/06/12 10:32]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so, rather TP out
[2015/06/12 10:32]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but never take off your HUD :)
[2015/06/12 10:33]  Winter (winterthyme): And Geo had a question too
[2015/06/12 10:33]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): ?
[2015/06/12 10:33]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Geo, shoot
[2015/06/12 10:33]  GEO (geogetta): exactly i had a stalker from raiders i swear talking to him was lucky if he was 15, was almost daily him capping me but he  has stopped/  his account says 22 yr old boy , omg its crazy i lost it hold on
[2015/06/12 10:33]  Sabrina Gagliano: I did have one guy who kept on pestering me... Blocked his account, but he created a new one... And stalked me, trying to force me into a roleplay I did not want. Will reporting him help, since he kept on creating new accounts?
[2015/06/12 10:34]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes, Sabrina it wil help
[2015/06/12 10:34]  GEO (geogetta): i had a stalker on a daily basis saying he was 18 but more younger sounding
[2015/06/12 10:34]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Geo: if you have proof that he is RL underage, report him, proof is already if he brags about "omg, i am so cool, my parents don't notice...
[2015/06/12 10:34]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): report to LL that is
[2015/06/12 10:35]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if people stalk you, report them to us
[2015/06/12 10:35]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): we have pretty efficient toools here, to stop that
[2015/06/12 10:35]  Winter (winterthyme): and Yamanah had a question
[2015/06/12 10:35]  GEO (geogetta): opsmy cheif finally got him to stop
[2015/06/12 10:35]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ;)
[2015/06/12 10:35]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Yamanah?
[2015/06/12 10:35]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): Sometimes I relog and my HUD is not there... and I do not notice that at once... can I get in trouble for that? (can of worms, I do not want to eat. though it is not a limit*g*)
[2015/06/12 10:35]  Sabrina Gagliano: He stalked me using private chats, not avatar-to-avatar...
[2015/06/12 10:36]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the HUD should appear usually within 2-5 minutes
[2015/06/12 10:36]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if it is not there after 5, check your attachments etc
[2015/06/12 10:36]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if you use singualrity, change the viewer
[2015/06/12 10:36]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): you won't get into trouble for that
[2015/06/12 10:36]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): yes... has happened that I changed outfit and then it could not attach
[2015/06/12 10:36]  Jon Wilson (jonwilson): ?
[2015/06/12 10:36]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): yes, Jon?
[2015/06/12 10:36]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): I am reducing stuff... don't do it on purpose
[2015/06/12 10:36]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): :)
[2015/06/12 10:37]  Jon Wilson (jonwilson): Just as a tip - if you click stage 2 sign in the landing zone u force hud to attach
[2015/06/12 10:37]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that is true also :)
[2015/06/12 10:37]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so.,.. now we conclude with three pointgs i wrote down for myself to cover...
[2015/06/12 10:37]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if RP goes south
[2015/06/12 10:38]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): the most important point is:
[2015/06/12 10:38]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): there are no moderators.
[2015/06/12 10:38]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but, i tend to also add, as a permantent statement: this does NOT give a predator the right to be a bully
[2015/06/12 10:38]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but lets look first at the "prey" - which can also be a pred at turned tables...
[2015/06/12 10:38]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): If you are capped and you find it unfair, analyze first: what do i lose if I simply go with the flow now?
[2015/06/12 10:39]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): again: you are here for RP, not for points
[2015/06/12 10:39]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): relax
[2015/06/12 10:39]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): give up control
[2015/06/12 10:39]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it is quite cool, really
[2015/06/12 10:39]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): however
[2015/06/12 10:39]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): If you are capped every day by the same people and you do not like it, make clear to them that you do not like it
[2015/06/12 10:40]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and here now thje part for the predators:
[2015/06/12 10:40]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Vice Versa: do not confuse RP with bullying. If your RP style is not what your neighbour likes, stop RPing with them in that same old way. They want to have fun, like you do. there is no point in forcing your RP on them
[2015/06/12 10:40]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so, predators:
[2015/06/12 10:40]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if that tribe over there decided to be all peaceful...
[2015/06/12 10:40]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): ok, maybe kidnap them once for giggles.. light, ..
[2015/06/12 10:40]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): but otherwise, leave them in peace
[2015/06/12 10:40]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): do not force your likes on them!
[2015/06/12 10:40]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): there is no point in doing so
[2015/06/12 10:41]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): seekers and guards are no moderators... so you need to sort it out between all of you. we, the admins, step in...
[2015/06/12 10:41]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): if we learn about repeasted bullying
[2015/06/12 10:41]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): repated cheating
[2015/06/12 10:41]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and HUD taken off
[2015/06/12 10:41]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): do not take off your HUD :)
[2015/06/12 10:41]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): so
[2015/06/12 10:41]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): that was what i had to say :)
[2015/06/12 10:42]  Sabrina Gagliano: :)
[2015/06/12 10:42]  Winter (winterthyme): Thank you Sugar - does anyone have any final questions?
[2015/06/12 10:42]  GEO (geogetta): no cookies and milk ,sugar
[2015/06/12 10:43]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): ?
[2015/06/12 10:43]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): /me smilese "then i thank you for your kind atttention.- and hope you wil have many joyful encounters!
[2015/06/12 10:43]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Yamanah ?
[2015/06/12 10:43]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): any chance on setting home in my tribes camp?
[2015/06/12 10:43]  GEO (geogetta): thx you too sugar and winter
[2015/06/12 10:43]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): after the wisdom cave, you can do so in your HUD
[2015/06/12 10:44]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): oh cool
[2015/06/12 10:44]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): it has there a point "Home" or somesuch
[2015/06/12 10:44]  Winter (winterthyme): When you pass the Wisdom Cave test the hud allows you to set home anywhere on the Amazon
[2015/06/12 10:44]  ...Yamanah... (yamanah.akina): I will find it :)
[2015/06/12 10:44]  Winter (winterthyme): Thanks Sugar for a great talk - and thanks everyone for coming and participating
[2015/06/12 10:44]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): my pleasure :)
[2015/06/12 10:45]  Sabrina Gagliano: Thank you, Sugar and Winter!
[2015/06/12 10:45]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): :)
[2015/06/12 10:45]  Jen (innocentlyshy): Thank You
[2015/06/12 10:45]  Lucky Laburnum: thank you

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