EarthBank takes charge of Amazon economy!

The EarthBank has just issued the results of its study of the Amazon River economy.

"A surfeit of coins in circulation means rampant inflation - controls must be put in place over the money supply.  With immediate effect the primary source of Coin will be withdrawn - the Trading Table. All trade items must be traded between the People of the Amazon for Coin already in circulation or for Shots or for any other services or goods"

Furthermore, it has been noted that the manufacture of Arrows and Bullets has a significant impact on the economy. With immediate effect all arrow/bullet making equipment is dismantled.  The only source of shots is now through trade with other people or by purchasing them from an authorised vendor.

Trade items will continue to be available in the usual manner, although EarthBank specialists will carefully check that supply and demand are properly balanced.

The EarthBank hopes that these changes will stabilise the economy of the Amazon River, which will be closely monitored over the coming weeks. If further measures are needed they will be implemented.

Austerity is Prosperity! We are all in this together!"


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