Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Important HUD changes

A new release of the HUD will be made available today. A number of important changes are being made:

  • You will now drown more quickly if you attempt to walk under water
  • Whilst you are in the Amazon, you need to eat to stay healthy.  If you do not eat your health points will slowly fade away as you starve.
  • If you starve, you will taken by natives to a safe place to recover (just as when you drown) - but when you wake your health will still be poor - 6 HP only (and at 5 you are downed).
  • If your health is poor (due to a fight or starvation) you will not automatically recover with time - you need to eat food to restore your strength, or find a healer.
  • You can now make a nourishing soup of banana, corn cob, chicken, fish and croc meat by using the new 'Eat'  function in your hud which restores 2 HP.
  • Healers will lose health each time they heal - so must keep themselves well nourished - and can only heal when they are in good health (at least 14 HP)
you will not consume more energy when you run
you will not lose energy when the amazon HUD is off (outside amazon or offline)
in fact, health points for hunger decrease so slow, that it will only have a slight affect on your Amazon stay
and if you really do not look after it, the worst is that you get force Tped once on two days (the same like when you drown, no big deal really)

the main reasons why we introduced this is:
in combat, now being shot has indeed consequences
Healers are no longer superpowers

and food *has* a value for trade (mostly for combat people)

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