Sunday, September 20, 2015

Amazon Changes Summarised

Summary of Changes

1. Roles

We now have two main roles - Explorer and Local - and a small number of specialist roles: Wildlife, Seeker, Shaman/Healer, Guard etc.

All Natives, Settlers, and Rogues are now "Locals" - and will be distinguished by their appearance, approach, and any local tribe/faction groups to which they belong.

2. Roleplay Rating/Seekers

You no longer need to find a Seeker for a new role (Native, Rogue, Settler) unless you want to be a Shaman/Healer or a Guard.

The HUD now allows you to rate the appearance, roleplay, and OOC/IC separation of those you interact with. You can rate people more than once, but only your final rating will be counted at the end of the month.

Those people who have very positive ratings will be visited by a Seeker and offered the blessing of additional Health Points or more ammo, whichever they prefer up to the maxim,um allowed (4 enhancements in any combination).  This means that your appearance, conduct and roleplay directly impact the amount of health and ammo you have.

Each month the person who receives the highest feedback ratings will be rewarded by the Gods with a a month's free rental at the Amazon (i.e. the right to build here), and their name will be recorded forever on a Wall of Fame.

Do not "Hate Rate" or "Mate Rate" or try to persuade/force people to rate you - the system monitors such activities and they will bring consequences!

3. Soup and Eating

Eating food to restore health has been simplified - the HUD will now allow you to rez individual food items directly, instead of making it in to soup first.

4. HUD Controls

The HUD design has changed - click the folded knife to open the HUD - the boxes are then: Folded Knife (open/close HUD) - Food Packet (eat) - Map (Local hints) - Biplane (Teleport links) - Hut (set/go home) - InfoBox (Health/Shots/Menu of options).

The HUD exercises much more control when you are downed

5. Miscellaneous

** The Gods are back in the jungle and walk among you.
**  The salutation 'greetings' is not liked by the Gods.
** New Mouthpiece of the Gods - allows you to report concerns etc. in a structured way to the Gods (max 250 chars.).

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