Monday, February 15, 2016

Roleplay class February 15, 2016

[12:31] Edge (edgeofreason): Welcome to the Amazon River Roleplay Class - please follow these 'protocols' for the meeting.

If you have a question or observation type '?' in local chat - do NOT post your comment straight away, but wait to be invited to speak. This helps maintain the flow.

Please don't make side-comments during the discussion as it is distracting for the speaker.

Please remove all tummy talkers or other items that might spam local chat.

This session will be recorded and posted on the Amazon River Blog - your attendance here consents to your words being reposted.

Thank you and enjoy!
[12:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Helo and thank you for your time that you made it to come to here..
[12:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): this class we do in irregular intervals, as the need arises and the mood strikes
[12:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the questions that come up are always the same but that is also natural as the population "revolves" old residents leave - new residents arrive - so a RP class with the same topics is also always good to se "are we still on the path/track" that we wanted to have
[12:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so i will cover, fast, some very basics, that address primarily those amongst you who have little to no experience with RP
[12:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): then we cn cover some Amazon specialties
[12:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and then you can ask stuff
[12:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): each question 10 L$
[12:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): (kidding)
[12:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): anyway
[12:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, for the starters:
[12:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): roleplay is "make believe"
[12:34] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): as much as you enter a role as soon as you log into SL, as much this continues when you arrive at amazon
[12:34] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you take on a certain appearance..
[12:34] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): most of us (including me) for example chose a flattering apeparance, where the RL maybe would show a wrinkle or a gray hair..
[12:34] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and as much as you do this, with your appearance, a make believe  - as much you do it inyour role
[12:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): there are two things to consider
[12:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we all have different levels of "imemrsion" - which i will explain later
[12:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and we should always keep in mind, the word is "rolePLAY" - with paly being the keyword - it is a game
[12:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): games are meant to be fun
[12:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yet in roleplay often, a drama spins off to affect "the person behind the screen" and then blood pressure rises RL and people get bad mood
[12:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) whispers: hint in the start:
[12:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): hint in the start:
[12:36] Warm Stories HUD whispers: RLV Plugin ready.
[12:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if this hapens to you, if you feel this fun is no fun.. take a break, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 h
[12:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): take a walk - smoke a cigarette, have a  coffee, whatever, and anaylze: why did you not have fun
[12:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): stay levelheaded
[12:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): this, is the premisse, the preamble
[12:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you forget this important part, you spoil your own SL - and you don't want that
[12:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): now, when we start, let us cover some general isues, not only valid for amazon but all of SL
[12:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): roleplay areas have topics
[12:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ours is the rainforest of today -
[12:38] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): others maybe have sciene fiction
[12:38] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): or a sleepy town in midwest
[12:38] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): whatever
[12:38] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but if you want to join a RP group, make sure that you *really* like the topic
[12:38] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you don't need to be authentic to be here
[12:38] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you don't need to be born in brazil and your grandma does not have to be a former mayan priestess
[12:39] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but you should enjoy to live in the forest, and to "Make believe" that you  really like it here, get along with what you have here
[12:39] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, for example, a large off shore race boat - nope
[12:39] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you want to ride such? there are regions for that
[12:39] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): or - you want to be badly a blue skinned furry with scales on your arse?
[12:39] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): well
[12:39] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we wil just identify you as radiactove accident
[12:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): nucelar catastrophe
[12:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and shoot you
[12:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that is then our way to say "stay somewhat a bit at least realistic
[12:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i dotn mind blue skinned furries
[12:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i have soemwhre a blue fur too even :)
[12:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so don't please yell at me after the class i am discrimanting
[12:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): (happened :)
[12:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, you get your appearance right...
[12:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): maybe.. you want. as an add on, wriote somethign in your profile
[12:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): it does not have to be extensive
[12:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): no book
[12:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but a hint, something to start off
[12:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): take the profile as something like your first impression you do to people
[12:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): in RL, the first impression is,
[12:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): appearance
[12:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): clothes
[12:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): expression in the eyes
[12:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): gsetures
[12:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): words/dialect
[12:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): smell
[12:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and in SL?
[12:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we have only appearance
[12:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the rest are prefabs
[12:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): an AO is not like a realsitc life like movement
[12:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): it is just an AO and therefore useless forr that first impression
[12:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): hence : proifiles
[12:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): they can be a helper to overcome this lacking
[12:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and profiles that say "want to know me?`talk to me" just appear then arrogant
[12:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) whispers: and empty profile appear "clueless, no fantasy"
[12:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and empty profile appear "clueless, no fantasy"
[12:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): now, you have done your profile..
[12:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): write into tit also, when you are at it, what you totally dislike
[12:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): geo, make a ? first, and wait til you are called :)
[12:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): profile.. limits...
[12:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): write what you  dislike..
[12:44] geo toro (geogetta): i did not say anythingops'
[12:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but don't make a list that scares off people
[12:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): stay reasonable
[12:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) whispers: example
[12:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): example
[12:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you want to play "house" in a town in midewst in SL
[12:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): then having a profile that says "dotn cut of my arms and do not collar me" is ridicolous
[12:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you play in Gor, a profile limit that says "no animal sex" - is pointless
[12:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): in Gor that should not happen BtB
[12:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and so on
[12:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): when i see here in Amazon profiles i see in so many
[12:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): "no rape, no mutilation, no death, no (fill in a list of 100 more cruel things)
[12:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that saddens me
[12:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): because you express  with this that the amazon is a vile place
[12:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and also you express that you expect from *every possible encounter* the worst possible
[12:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so like
[12:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): "Hey Maria!"
[12:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): "Hey John, DONT RAPE MME YOU BASTARD"
[12:46] Golden Jewel (rosario81): ?
[12:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you really thinkt he world is that vile ... well
[12:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): also, we have the so called "green dot"
[12:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you want a peaceful life, slap on green
[12:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that exprtesses, you don't want to fight
[12:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): be aware: abusing htat earns you caging
[12:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, don't tase people and sing then "nananana can't hurt me i am green!"
[12:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that will not work
[12:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): with green i have hoped that those of you who express in their profile limts that every player here is a potential rapist and child murderer maybe calm down and get a more realistic grip of things
[12:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, if you want to do me a favour and if you want to really honor the amazon, then .. rework this shit
[12:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): "no rape"  - really, on evry second profile
[12:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ((brb, sorry
[12:49] Edge (edgeofreason): ((A brief pause while Tantrica deals with her interruption. Golden - I noted that you have a comment or question - you will be called shortly))
[12:50] Golden Jewel (rosario81): nods
[12:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if  i see - on every second profile this cruelty, really, water in the amazon should be boodred, not gren
[12:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you realize, i find that .. unamusing
[12:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): make realistic limits
[12:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we have not the slaughterhouse here
[12:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and there was once, upon a time, a bunch of people having fun in playing cruel  scenes
[12:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Zeph, if your alt is here, yes i mean you
[12:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): those people were removed
[12:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we are dealing with that, have faith in us
[12:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): jnow, that ii said my piece on that, Golden what was your question?
[12:52] Golden Jewel (rosario81): I rp a LOT and sometimes people RP in more than one place, so their limits are across the board. you dont want to worry about replacing them each place you play. it may not be a reflection on the amazon at all.
[12:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) whispers: that is sure  a good point :) yes - but if the entire profile is amazon and then i see that in the profile it is really no necessary :)
[12:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that is sure  a good point :) yes - but if the entire profile is amazon and then i see that in the profile it is really no necessary :)
[12:53] Golden Jewel (rosario81): Well, i only list the places i enjoy the most. but yes true
[12:53] Golden Jewel (rosario81): :)
[12:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[12:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, you have started RP here, you made your profile
[12:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you wrote down reasonable limits
[12:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you checked your appearance
[12:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): next
[12:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Rolepla,y again, is make believe...
[12:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so a good start is, to draw a line between "what could be?" and "what could not be?"
[12:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): for example, what could be?
[12:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you could land in a plane crash in the rain forest
[12:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): totalyl realistic
[12:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): what can not be?
[12:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): suddenly everyone around you has a name tag flying above their head with name, tag, rank, etc
[12:55] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you say "oh wait, but, i see the names?"
[12:55] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): *taht* Ladies and Gentlemen is then the "Out Of Character" part
[12:55] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) whispers: that is the "behidn the scenes"
[12:55] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that is the "behidn the scenes"
[12:55] Suzi Recreant: ?
[12:56] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if oyu immerse yourself completeley, you will have your "In Character" persona only have that knowledge that you really learn
[12:56] GRUNT (lorenzodeleon): ?
[12:56] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, if you never met "John Doe" you won't know his name
[12:56] Sue Windstorm: ?
[12:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) whispers: i grant excuses if you meet *me* or *edge* as we are , In Character, Deities, and yah, so one can say "oh everyone knows them" - granted - and i wil then pickup and say "as a deity i can also read your mind and know your name"
[12:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): btu this example shows - it is really an exception and should *not* be the name
[12:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i grant excuses if you meet *me* or *edge* as we are , In Character, Deities, and yah, so one can say "oh everyone knows them" - granted - and i wil then pickup and say "as a deity i can also read your mind and know your name"
[12:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): (sorry, sometiems i whisper by accident, then i repeat for those mor than 10 meters away)
[12:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): now there were questions
[12:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): lets start with Suzi
[12:57] Suzi Recreant: If I understand your explanation correctly, you are referring to Metagaming?  using OOC info for IC purposes?
[12:57] Zac (zac.rishmal): ?
[12:58] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes, metagaming is the proterm for that
[12:58] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): for those not familiar with it:
[12:58] Suzi Recreant: kk, thx.
[12:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): metagaming would be like, you never met John Doe but know his name (as you read it in the tag) and know he is from xy tribe ,and you know he is maybe armed as your "Show hidden items" rezzed his sheathed weapon in his arm etc
[12:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): metagaming is:; when you have informations that you would in RL usually in that situation not have
[12:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): try to avoid it
[12:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): please
[12:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): next was Grunt
[12:59] GRUNT (lorenzodeleon): you say to put in your profile the starter of who you are but some form their IC opinion of you off of that. They should rp with you and get your story. I.E., my profiles says FINE YOUNG CANNIBAL or should I say ANIMAL. To that some say, "oh so you're a cannibal" not knowing that my character has never eaten human but just runs around wanting to "eat white man" LOL
[13:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): good point, yes, let me clarify
[13:00] GRUNT (lorenzodeleon) smiles
[13:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if i see someone, who stands around in normal clothes..
[13:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i approach that person
[13:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and that poerson suddenly reacts like "intimidated" or "disturbed" - i would be wodneruing, as the AO maybe never gave that away...
[13:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if the profile reads "Jane Doe has just escpaed mental asylum, she smells sewaty, her hair is in strands and her appearance is a bit off" you get a hint
[13:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): many of these things you can't show in your avatar - or, you can mabye, but with a lot of effort
[13:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and in the profile it helps to round tha tpicture
[13:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, it is really a complimentary to those stimulations we miss in SL vs RL
[13:02] Tina (tinal96) takes a note - avoid jane doe
[13:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): like "smell"
[13:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): or "nervous behaviour"
[13:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): "unsteady gaze"
[13:02] Edge (edgeofreason): ((Tina - please  avoid side comments - they are distracting))
[13:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): did that answer your question?
[13:03] Suzi Recreant: ?
[13:03] GRUNT (lorenzodeleon) "grunts" yes
[13:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): thank you :)
[13:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): then..
[13:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Sue
[13:03] Sue Windstorm: I encounter a problem when i play as animal. People still say ''Hi Sue how are you?'' in local chat. I im them then that i cant talk in local chat. Would be great if i could hide my name tag for others when i play my animal character is that possible?
[13:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): sadly you cant
[13:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we would require RLV for that
[13:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and many don't even klnow what that is, leave alone grantign that extend of control
[13:04] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, right now - no, you can not
[13:04] Sue Windstorm: i do:) but i understand
[13:04] geo toro (geogetta): RAISES HAND QUESTION
[13:04] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Zac?
[13:04] Zac (zac.rishmal): A behind the scenes issue for me is radar. Someone in my group is captured. We use radar to find that individual and rescue. Radar is not IC. Is it metagaming? What are your thoughts?
[13:04] Edge (edgeofreason): ((Geo - simply post '?' and wait to be called))
[13:04] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): well, Radar *is* metagaming , usually - i would advice here also common sense, and let me explain...
[13:04] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): first:
[13:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if one is captured, what is the worst thing that happens? they get roleplay...
[13:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, let them enjoy the cap
[13:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): in RL, and that is really abd.. people get kidnapped - they vanish without a trace
[13:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): police woul dwish for a radar
[13:05] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall) waits for her turn to ask a qustion
[13:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): sadly they don't have that
[13:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): now in SL people get captured
[13:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): fortunatly there is no bad consequence
[13:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but there is ro,epla
[13:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ythere would realistically not sudddenly be a rescue
[13:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that is a problem as old as there is SL iwith RP:
[13:06] Edge (edgeofreason): ((Isadora - if you have a question just post '?' in local and type ahead, then wait to be called before you post it))
[13:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): tribe A kidnaps a member of Tribe B
[13:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and suddenly all of tribe B is at the amazon
[13:06] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall): ?
[13:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): like hornets
[13:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and then bloodfest
[13:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and i wonder ymself always...
[13:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): really: if *I* was kiidanpped
[13:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and i was fred within short tiem
[13:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i would be annoyed
[13:08] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall): sooo.. i have a question.. about the radar part
[13:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) is offline.
[13:08] Edge (edgeofreason): Please pause a moment - Tantrica has crashed it seems
[13:09] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall): oh i was wondering why it got silent
[13:09] Edge (edgeofreason): Isadora - if you have a questuion you need only to type ? in local chat - then please wait until your name is called or the flow is disrupted
[13:10] Edge (edgeofreason): All questions are answered, I keep track of everyone who posts a ? and you will be called in good time - please be pateint :-)
[13:10] Edge (edgeofreason): Tantrica is on her way back as soon as she can - she will not be long
[13:10] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall) smiles and nods
[13:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) is online.
[13:11] Edge (edgeofreason): Welcoem back - we lost you at:-
[13:11] Edge (edgeofreason): [13:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and i was fred within short tiem
[13:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i would be annoyed
[13:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): sorry :)
[13:11] ℒυɡɦ ℱℓαɡσռ (lugh.flagon): ?
[13:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok...
[13:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): because..
[13:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i would be annoyed because they steal my RP as kidnap victim
[13:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): now, there is of course that:
[13:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): victim is captured
[13:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): tribe A goes home, RL, to cook rahmen noodles
[13:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Victim gets totally bored
[13:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): hey, go and free the victim
[13:12] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall): ?
[13:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): no one wants to be bored
[13:12] εpï ღ temple servant (epiphanyoffire): ?
[13:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): now i need to see my list
[13:12] Edge (edgeofreason): ((Isadora - your request is already queued - please be patient))
[13:13] Sue Windstorm: ?
[13:13] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall): ((oh okay sorry))
[13:13] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Suzi is next
[13:13] Edge (edgeofreason): Suzi Recreant, Geogetta, Isadora, lugh flagon, epi
[13:13] Suzi Recreant: Thank you.  Ok, a barrage:  Can we use Titlers for providing av-identifying characteristics, like smell?  2.  I would suggest that men realize that it is better to lose with honor than win by cheating.  I've had too many RP's ended so the men can go rescue a tribe member.  3.  Sex in the Amazon happens.  Forced or otherwise, so please allow it to happen...  It may be something both parties have arranged...  So what about having a 2-hour cap rescue barrier?
[13:13] geo toro (geogetta): my turn
[13:13] Edge (edgeofreason): ((Geo - wait until called please))
[13:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): titlers: yes
[13:14] geo toro (geogetta): giggles
[13:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): 2 - men, we get tehre
[13:14] Conan Barbarian (sergejkocjancicdj): hello
[13:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): 3 - sex is always good ( sex is WHY i made amazon)
[13:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): artificial barriers? no
[13:14] geo toro (geogetta): sit
[13:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): now Geo :)
[13:14] Suzi Recreant: kk, thx.
[13:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ;)
[13:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): no the rating did not work out. i still owe Feke the prize :D she will get it
[13:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but the rating is off
[13:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): *Femke
[13:15] Rio (hatake.kohime): ?
[13:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Isa
[13:15] geo toro (geogetta): ok
[13:16] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Isa?
[13:16] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall): on the radar part, if a person is asked if they can have help to join the rp, becuz some actually ask how did you know where we are. and u have a pet like a wolf to the side can you say u tracked?
[13:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): always stay realistic and use common sense - first: in the amazon a wolf is ratehr.. rare...
[13:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but there are then maybe pathfidners, yes..
[13:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but.. why win by all means?
[13:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): why with brute force? :)
[13:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i would let go - and enjoy
[13:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): most captors want two things:
[13:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): 1st: RP for themselves
[13:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and 2nd: give a good time to the "victim"
[13:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): it is not about chicken or coins or arrows
[13:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): it is about RP fun
[13:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and i do not envy the bandits for their hard work
[13:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): who try to strr up shit and then get OOCly even yelled at for it
[13:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you get kidnapped - let it happen - they won't cut your head off
[13:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and try to enjoy it
[13:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Ligh
[13:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Lugh
[13:19] ℒυɡɦ ℱℓαɡσռ (lugh.flagon): Please tell us the roll of a Healer when it comes to fighting. IE... to defend or fight right out.  Please clearify their role for us. TY.
[13:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Healers are there to heal
[13:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): they can wear one(!) weapon, and yes, fist fight kits and kick sets count as weapon
[13:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): they can wear the weapon as healers whined they can not hunt crocodiles.. so yah, we gave them the boomerang
[13:20] Ling Lee (cwlinglee): ?
[13:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we learned then that healers abused that as being kind of superman in the battlefield
[13:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and if we capture a healer doing so they are back to explorer, swiftly
[13:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we actually demoted some already
[13:20] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and that worked so far, the complaints ceased
[13:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): healers are NOT here to attack
[13:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): not at all
[13:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): they can run and they can defend
[13:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): themselves
[13:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): no one else
[13:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that is pretty crystal clear
[13:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and if somone wants to tipo toe around, let me assure you
[13:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): there are few things that spoil my mood faster than people trying to discuss and bend rules
[13:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[13:21] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): did that help?
[13:22] ℒυɡɦ ℱℓαɡσռ (lugh.flagon): yes ty
[13:22] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[13:22] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Epi?
[13:22] εpï ღ temple servant (epiphanyoffire): just to clarify about the capture rp:  now if tribe A has a member that is being captured and the capture is being witnessed - they of course will follow their tribe member and free them,that then is additional rp for all...right? and the healer part....healers are still members of their tribe, they do not need to stand like dummies, they are allowed to help their people after they have been attacked...they can defend
[13:22] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if tribe a *witnesses* it, yes, they sure follow
[13:22] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): healers can defend themselves
[13:23] εpï ღ temple servant (epiphanyoffire): what if my tribe member is neing attacked
[13:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): healers are not like "Tuck" in "Robin Hood"  - a massive fat guy,marching through the battle field
[13:23] εpï ღ temple servant (epiphanyoffire): can i defend then still? eventhough i was not directly attacked?
[13:23] CalienteRock: YT the issue is.... noone follow any rules when it comes to capture
[13:23] geo toro (geogetta): post
[13:23] CalienteRock: we have seen many examples of theat
[13:23] CalienteRock: *that
[13:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Cali, midn the posting rules
[13:23] Edge (edgeofreason): Caliente - p if you have a comment type ? and wait to be called
[13:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i will not answser you
[13:23] Golden Jewel (rosario81): ?
[13:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): EPi...
[13:23] CalienteRock: ok :)
[13:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if your tribe member gest captured, you as healer can run and alarm others
[13:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you as healer are not supposed to abuse your powers to defend your friends
[13:24] εpï ღ temple servant (epiphanyoffire): if they are next to me and are being hit - can i defend
[13:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you are supposed to ehal
[13:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): thik of blue helmet UN troops in RL
[13:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): they are armed, well
[13:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but they watch and alarm
[13:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): thik of red cross
[13:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): they watch, they shoot back when *they* are attacked
[13:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but they are not even allowed to protect the military camp
[13:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): only themselves
[13:25] εpï ღ temple servant (epiphanyoffire): sure, i see that - but rl if you are next to me and being attacked i would defend you
[13:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and you would be killed as in RL you would be just a red cross jnhurse
[13:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): anod not an overly stroing healthy woman
[13:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): lookj at it:
[13:25] εpï ღ temple servant (epiphanyoffire): nods
[13:25] ℒυɡɦ ℱℓαɡσռ (lugh.flagon): ?
[13:25] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you hav elearned how to heal people, it is unlikely that you can withstand an expereineced army guy
[13:26] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, don't try that here too
[13:26] εpï ღ temple servant (epiphanyoffire): ....i be dead in rl real quick i think, and yes i hear you
[13:26] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i have only one other option to offer:
[13:26] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that is alway my ultima ratio
[13:26] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i take away extra HP for healers
[13:26] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[13:26] εpï ღ temple servant (epiphanyoffire): dont get me killed yt
[13:27] εpï ღ temple servant (epiphanyoffire): lol
[13:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you don't want that? then please use common sense :) that is not aimed at Epi now but to all healers :)
[13:27] εpï ღ temple servant (epiphanyoffire): i mean ooc killed
[13:27] geo toro (geogetta): ok, thats great, corsairs attacked a healer , just healing like they suppose to before , this should help, ,some doofus say crocs attack me and assumed  he could cap me also and never took my weapons, kicked his ass but good
[13:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[13:27] geo toro (geogetta): ops sry
[13:27] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Sue i guess
[13:27] Sue Windstorm: if victim is or gets bored when captured and the tribe is gone to real would it be maybe a great idea to have like lock picks or lets say hidden made ways to escape? instead of being rescued by others only?. In reality i/we would try to escape our selfs to right? if the possibility was there.
[13:27] Edge (edgeofreason): Geo - please observe the postign protocola. If you post anythign uninvited without a ? first you will be ignored.
[13:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes Sue, that works..
[13:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i mean, really
[13:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): people come here in their sparetime
[13:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): no one wants to sit in their sparetime alone in an empty room
[13:28] Sue Windstorm: agrees
[13:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and pay an SL bill for that even
[13:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, captors:
[13:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you capture - you roleplay - right after
[13:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you catn do that, you suck
[13:28] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): then don't capture
[13:29] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you stil capture, and lave your victim alone, victim goes
[13:29] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): end of story
[13:29] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Rio?
[13:30] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) stretches arms to show off
[13:30] Rio (hatake.kohime): in regards to capturing tribes people, my tribe tends to use the group chat to alert others of so and so was captured. that's obviously metagaming, but how much of that can be used in character? is it ok to use it to organize kind of a search party event?
[13:30] GRUNT (lorenzodeleon): Oooooogggg!!!
[13:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): it depends Rio - if you organize a mass capture event, like "ok, we are tribe A, we wait for Tribe B, person X to appear..
[13:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and that one person appears
[13:31] Edge (edgeofreason): please avoid side comments as they disrupt the flow ((and are distracting))
[13:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and you then draw in all your people for htat capture, cool beans
[13:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but if suddenly you are X
[13:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): captured
[13:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and you insantly use IM, group chat, satellite phones, implanted chips or whatever lame excuse gadget, to alert your people...
[13:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): sucks
[13:31] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[13:32] Sue Windstorm: ?
[13:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): did that answer your question?
[13:32] Rio (hatake.kohime): yes
[13:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): thank you :)
[13:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Ling Lee?
[13:32] Ling Lee (cwlinglee): Other than number, what limitations are there on healer weapons?
[13:32] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): melee (as they have no ammo anyway) or the boomerang
[13:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and guards are adviced
[13:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): "show and deco weapons" count
[13:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok?
[13:33] Ling Lee (cwlinglee): Thank you.
[13:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[13:33] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Golden
[13:34] Golden Jewel (rosario81): Maybe there should be a second healer role. not sure role is the word. Like a second option. Maybe an assistant or intern, or protege role. one that has the same HP as normal players (8hp), but that has the ability to heal at a huge cost maybe and assist, give anit-venom. Just a thought.
[13:34] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we can put that up for voting on the next council meeting, yes
[13:34] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Geo?
[13:35] geo toro (geogetta): ok, thats great, corsairs attacked a healer , just healing like they suppose to before , this should help, ,some doofus say crocs attack me and assumed  he could cap me also and never took my weapons, kicked his ass but good, guidelines for healers should differ from combative ones and treated differently
[13:35] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Healers get a different ruleset than "Normal" people as already their HUD has other options
[13:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but, what they make of it.. yah, is individual
[13:36] Rio (hatake.kohime): ?
[13:36] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall): ?
[13:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Sue?
[13:36] Sue Windstorm: This is for the question everyone using ims to call another if captured or otherwise: Then rlv could come in handy like for example when you join a group that it would auto close ims when your captured. Maybe rlv is not that bad to try at certain points?.
[13:36] geo toro (geogetta): they should automatically be just green dot then
[13:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i wil thijk of that Geo :)
[13:36] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and maybe vote on council
[13:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes Sue, i would love to have RLV but, no, it is not goig to fly.
[13:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i am not introducing it
[13:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Lugh?
[13:37] ℒυɡɦ ℱℓαɡσռ (lugh.flagon): I have a follow up question about the Healer role.
Is a Healer always a Healer even if she changes tags?
[13:37] ηαηdø sigмα ρєccαbłє (nandos2sigma): o healer Nando levanta a mão e aguarda sua vez!
[13:37] NandoS2SIGMA Resident: the healer Nando raises his hand and wait your turn!
[13:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes as the HUD is not able to see the tag (one can not script that)
[13:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so a healer is a healer
[13:37] ℒυɡɦ ℱℓαɡσռ (lugh.flagon): ty
[13:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): unless a seeker changes it :)
[13:37] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yw
[13:37] Edge (edgeofreason): ((Nando - if you have a question just post ? in local and wait to be called))
[13:38] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Rio
[13:38] ηαηdø sigмα ρєccαbłє (nandos2sigma): ok Ty
[13:38] NandoS2SIGMA Resident: ok Ty
[13:38]  Zepherson whispers: What are you looking at geogetta Resident. You really arent't my type, how about go raid some sim and find someone more like yourself?
[13:38] Rio (hatake.kohime): when playing an animal, what are the character limits for emoting rp? i've noticed OOC doesn't get me zapped but i sometimes get it when emoting.
[13:39] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i have to check, i *think* i raised it to 50 characters.. i will post that later, i have to check the sourcecode
[13:39] Rio (hatake.kohime): ty
[13:39] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[13:39] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Isadora
[13:39] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall) quick question about an rp experience i had, me and a group went after a few people just for a fun rp. there was one we had issues with. once she was down she automatically did a force ground sit and we asked repeatedly to stand and refused to till we released her. in a situation like that what should we do?
[13:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): call her out on that, ignore her. go to the mouthpiece of the Gods. report her
[13:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but
[13:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): do not expect us to react instantly..
[13:40] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall): nods
[13:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the mouthpiece of the Gods sends a note to every guard, on and ofline, to all seekers and to us
[13:40] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and if we get a one time "Jane Doe is silly" we shrug it off
[13:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but if over a week the .. cases with Jane Doe accumulaate
[13:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we will pay her a visit
[13:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): however
[13:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): always go to the mouthpiece of the Gods
[13:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): in any event, even if you think we don't react
[13:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we always read it
[13:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): well, id o
[13:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[13:41] Edge (edgeofreason): and me :-)
[13:41] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): good! :)
[13:41] ηαηdø sigмα ρєccαbłє (nandos2sigma): um bandido atacou a minha esposa, e eu fiquei irado,  e o meu chefe  " Terrence  Kaiabi  " me  ensinou  a não fazer nada , e eu entendi o trabalho do shaman, que é simplesmente ajudar as pessoas , e eu e minha esposa estamos no sl e na Amazon para ajudar a todos, e acredito na deusa e nos dirigentes que fizeram o RP healer  !
[13:41] NandoS2SIGMA Resident: a bandit attacked my wife, and I was angry, and my boss "Terrence Kaiabi" taught me not to do anything, and I understood the work of the shaman, which is simply to help people, and my wife and I are in sl and Amazon to help everyone, and believe in the goddess and the leaders who made the RP healer!
[13:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes, thank you Nando :)
[13:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): soooo
[13:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): errm,
[13:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): my list is empty :)
[13:42] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so we continue with what i wanted to say :)
[13:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): a lot of it has been asked
[13:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and so i go now to the general point here:
[13:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): control
[13:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i have to  confess, i learned Roleplay only in Second LIfe and in the start i sucked
[13:43]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): ?
[13:43] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i *think* or hope, i am better now
[13:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but i identified a weak point on me that i observe on almost every other RPer too
[13:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you love your character, sure
[13:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): eeryone does
[13:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): it is your alter ego
[13:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and suddenly you get an arrow up your arse
[13:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that hurts
[13:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): then you  get cuffed
[13:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): dragged away
[13:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): these silly scripts prevent you from moving
[13:44] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): #and anyway, if there woul dnot have been this sillylag, this stupid SL, this awfuly build sim and not whatever
[13:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): trhen you would have won this fight
[13:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so many excuses
[13:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): because
[13:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you lost control
[13:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you lost control about something dear to you
[13:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): your alter ego
[13:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that does not sit well
[13:45] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ironically that does not even sit well with all these "i have no limit sluts" in xxx torture areas
[13:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but that is missing hte point really
[13:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you come here to RP
[13:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so enjoy it
[13:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) whispers: your alter ego will not be hurt "for real"
[13:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): it is a game
[13:46] Conan Barbarian (sergejkocjancicdj): ?
[13:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and your captor is not really an evil bastard
[13:46] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): your captir is a roleplayer who investes their RP time FOR YOU
[13:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and you best honor it
[13:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): with going with the flow
[13:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): seriously.. there is nothing more aggrevating than
[13:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) whispers: "he shto me, but i was not doing anything"
[13:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): or "he shot me but lag only my weapon did not work"
[13:47] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): or "your sim is so laggy, i can't run here , i lose each fight"
[13:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): skip it, spare your breath, no one wants to hear it - no one
[13:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you want to rolepaly? then paly
[13:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and accept that it can mean that you lose aprtially a bit of control on your virtual picel doll
[13:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): because our alter egos are just that
[13:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): now there were questions
[13:48] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): melanie
[13:48]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): yup, thanks
[13:48] Edge (edgeofreason): melanie first
[13:49]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): Hiya, maybe i missed this, I'm sorry, but if we are rping and we notice something about the other person, like, no legs, no head, body issues, what's the best way to tell that person something ooc, using (()) or sending a direct message?
[13:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i would IM them
[13:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): "hey, your body is invisible"
[13:49] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): most often they are not even aware
[13:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok?
[13:50]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): ty :)
[13:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[13:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Conan?
[13:50] Conan Barbarian (sergejkocjancicdj): how to get more power for the fight? I want to destroy the bandits and Zeph! I am guardian for my friends and my girl's
[13:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): oh that is easy
[13:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): eat spinach
[13:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): like popeye
[13:50] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): any more questions?
[13:51] Edge (edgeofreason): None in the list
[13:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) whispers: grand :)
[13:51] Conan Barbarian (sergejkocjancicdj): hvala
[13:51] SergejKocjancicDJ Resident (Q-Translator b:detect->en): thank you
[13:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): now...
[13:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): happy to help!  (*´◡`*) :)
[13:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): now....
[13:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we have mentors also
[13:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): let me poit out again the things that help you,
[13:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you are new, or you are not sure ...about rules
[13:51] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ask the mentors
[13:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that is Yami and... arrckk Sl does not show me the names
[13:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ...
[13:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): maaan ;)
[13:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Yami, Sara and Ascrii
[13:52]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): ?
[13:52] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): they can answer your stuff, and if they cant, they know whom to ask
[13:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): then the basic rules.. you wfind in the wisdom cave
[13:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): caution:
[13:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you have been promoted by  a seeker, do NOT entert the wisdom cave
[13:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i need toi script that first but rite now you would fall back
[13:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): in your rating
[13:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and if you have problems, regardless what it is, mouthpiece
[13:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): please do NOT IM me with "Jane Doe has shot me" or "Quest X is broke"
[13:53] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): mouthpiece
[13:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): really )
[13:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Melanie has a question?
[13:54] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) smiles "Melanie?
[13:54]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): this is not a question really, more like a suggestion, i dunno if this is possible, but in the future, would it be possible for the jungle let us drink water, and get health points, maybe little points?
[13:55] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes, we will work on that.. or we are, even
[13:55]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): O.O
[13:55] Sue Windstorm: ?
[13:55] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Sue?
[13:55]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): water is free, and easy to get, or maybe fruits in trees..
[13:56] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall): ?
[13:56] Sue Windstorm: is Amazon even going to be bigger in the future?:)
[13:56] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i don't see that happen at the moment - we have a stable "userbase" and i hate to gamble..
[13:56] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): my policy is:
[13:56] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i want for you and for me, that if you log in tomorrow, we are still here
[13:56] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that is why my finances are not "on the cutting edge"
[13:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i rely on the supporters, and right now it is ok...
[13:57] Sue Windstorm: i think your both doing a great job i love this place:)
[13:57] Edge (edgeofreason): Thank you :-)
[13:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and we have some "upholstery" for thinner times, but we don't want to sail onthin ice, so, no more regions at the moment
[13:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and thank you :)
[13:57] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Isadora?
[13:58] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall) on the mining is the piece of rock nothing or is it a something? possible if its nothing can it be made into something as like an offering to the gods or somethin....
[13:58]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): ?
[13:58] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): one day.. (tm) i will make it a trade item for sacrifces
[13:58] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i have a plan for it
[13:58] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Melanie?
[13:59]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): This may be a dumb question, cause I don't know much about building, but do you think that lag sometimes may be related to the things that are built on space, like on top of the terrain, like 60000 of heigh?
[13:59]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): height
[13:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): lag has many causes...
[13:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): skyboxes are none of them...
[13:59]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): it's like the force...then...
[13:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): lag comes in two forms
[13:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): server lag
[13:59] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): viewer lag
[14:00] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall): ?
[14:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): in 90% you see lag only on your viewer
[14:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and it is caused by:
[14:00]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): cause i'm lagging now lol :(
[14:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): sculpted items (and that includes sculpted hair, really get id of sculpt hair, you slow down yourself and all around you)
[14:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): TMP mesh bodies
[14:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): (yes they wil ahte me)
[14:00] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): but the polygoins on that body are crazy
[14:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): other high polgyon meshes  - like, i have a hair, that takes 10 mintues to rezz
[14:01]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): i think of lag like the a/c at home, when theres a lot of ppl, we gotta lower the a/c cause they all consume the cold air.. :|
[14:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and wrongly applied texxtures (which we try to avid=
[14:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): *avoid
[14:01] Golden Jewel (rosario81): ?
[14:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): many people cause server lag
[14:01] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that is sadly nothing we can influence, but you may have noticed..
[14:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i have the regions restrtonce a day, to clear their storage
[14:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): automatically
[14:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i think that helps
[14:02]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): yup
[14:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Isadora
[14:02] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall) can there be such thing as spirit animals rp? a friend of mine does it as a priestess and i also seen a few here in the amazon already when i was just fishing...
[14:02] Sunaru (sunarucaelus): Reduce lad be naked! :)
[14:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): is why i am Sunara :)
[14:02] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): *sunaru
[14:02] Edge (edgeofreason): ((Please avoid side comments as they interrupt the flow :p))
[14:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Spirit animals.. well
[14:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we..eeeelll i have not thought about that - i just know we wil lthen soon be haunted by .. all kinds of "invulnerable unbeatable supermetacharacter"
[14:03] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): is why we said..
[14:04] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall): what if they are just for rp and not fights
[14:04] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the role of "Gods" is only two of us, as we are OOCly anyway "that" - technically, from the server powers (and no, we don't like to be called Gods really outside the roleplay, don't get us wrong)
[14:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i would at the moment ratehr not want them here - and treat them as .. yah, strange ness that guards need to quarantine
[14:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we arrest once a month at least someone who pulls out a "magic HUD"
[14:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i don't want to see how many that wil lbe then with that
[14:05] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Golden?
[14:06] Golden Jewel (rosario81): I just wanted to say that using attempts to do something or trying to stop something, or any action words that imply an effort over a success or imposed direct action (godmod), makes your rp will go smoother. thats why rp is fun, you can control it if its done correctly as each action should allow for a reaction from the other. how your rp goes is in your hands. doesnt mean you should be superwoman or superman, but you do have some control, even defeated. as long as it makes sense. so even if you are capped by a ... say.. bandit.. just go with the flow, most times we want money, you want the rp to end, find it or take the task we give you. or dont pay and face the full capture rp. but dont do it in anger, have fun.
[14:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): good point
[14:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes
[14:06] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i agree to that
[14:07] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): good, yes, that was very good
[14:07] Golden Jewel (rosario81): thank you
[14:07] Edge (edgeofreason): it may be worth explaining god-modding perhaps?
[14:07] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i am hapy with this as the lively attendance showed me, that people are interested
[14:07] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ok, a word on God modding
[14:07] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): God modding is
[14:07] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): look at me, now, turn your camera on my body
[14:07] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and look
[14:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that!
[14:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): these many arms for example
[14:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i could have magiced now also a gun, or a chainsaw or a cone of icecream
[14:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): out of thin air
[14:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): now *I* am a deity, (in roleply)
[14:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you are not
[14:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so if A captures B, naked on the beach
[14:08] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and B suddenly has heavy gar to defend
[14:09] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): or an implanted GPS chip to call their friends
[14:09] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that all is Godmodding
[14:09] Sue Windstorm: ?
[14:09] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and is the same like "OMG i am losing conmtrol HEEEEELP"
[14:09] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): scrap godmodding
[14:09] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): stay realistic
[14:09] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the only one with ice cream cones out of thin air is me :)
[14:09] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Sue?
[14:10] Sue Windstorm: lets say you have an avi that has some nice light like your arms showed and you and some tribe members agree to do small rp with it
[14:10] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall): ?
[14:10] Sue Windstorm: is that allowed? or are all then in danger of being locked up?
[14:10] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): we are not going to be party poopers.. if you ancy a glow on your arms.. and you use it for a RP scene in youir camp,have at it
[14:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if you suddenly go all rave and techno outfit with rainbow sparkles, we will talk
[14:11] Sue Windstorm: okis:))
[14:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[14:11] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Isa?
[14:11] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall) about the hud, yesterday i had a glitch where i see the ball but it disappears under me and the two who downed me said they dont see it and accused me for not wearing a hud. not really my fault
[14:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes, is an SL glitch, the same glitch that makes sometimes people appear 200 meters away from you and in fact they stand nearby you
[14:12] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall) since bandit they say i was cheating
[14:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): the ball has the same sufferings at times and looks for you at where you are not
[14:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): however
[14:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): cliock your HUD, select the most right button
[14:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): click "check"
[14:12] Maxtor Frisk (maxtorfrisk): ?
[14:12] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and you see all people wearing a HUD
[14:13]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): ?
[14:13] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall): okay
[14:13] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Maxtor?
[14:13] Maxtor Frisk (maxtorfrisk): Thanks for all the information Tantrica, much appreciated. I'm finding the HUD is pushing me back slightly ever few seconds, is that a HUD glitch? I have to get up and walk closer to you guys every so often
[14:14] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): is it me or is there o colorful dot above you?
[14:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that is then the reason, you have youir max attachment points...
[14:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): that push effect is the ball trying to attach
[14:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and it fails
[14:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and tries again
[14:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): take one item off :)
[14:15] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Melanie?
[14:16]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): will the gods ever have kids? or do they (ouch Sunaru Behave!!!) sorry, do they consider adopting? :)
[14:16] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): i gave birth last week
[14:16] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): my pregnancies are in my profile :)
[14:16]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): NICE! :)
[14:16] Edge (edgeofreason) grins
[14:17] Conan Barbarian (sergejkocjancicdj): čestitke
[14:17]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): congrats! cough cough... adopt should u... the force with u is strong
[14:17] SergejKocjancicDJ Resident (Q-Translator b:detect->en): greeting cards
[14:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): one advantage of deiti-ism: no sagging, :)
[14:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ha! :)
[14:17] Edge (edgeofreason): That - and plenty of, ah, exercise ... :p
[14:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): you don't want me to adopt you! :)
[14:17] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall) giggles
[14:17]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): i do
[14:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) smiles
[14:17]  ...ღ ℳєℓαהɨع ღ... (melanie.hareshide): im starving here, hard to get food in this jungle :)
[14:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[14:17] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): alright
[14:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): are there more questions?
[14:18] Golden Jewel (rosario81): ?
[14:18] Conan Barbarian (sergejkocjancicdj): ?
[14:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes? Golden?
[14:18] Golden Jewel (rosario81): adopt a bandit, then half the amazon will pass out. lol. sorry couldnt resist that.
[14:18] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) laughs
[14:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): is true, i was ij the very start helping the ..
[14:19] Išαdøяa ʍøøŋwɑll (isadora.moonwall): hehe
[14:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): ah i forgot the name
[14:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant) whispers: Raiders?
[14:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): them raiders
[14:19] Edge (edgeofreason): mhm
[14:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): and did not take long and ht was like "Oh ,the Gods love them Raiders"
[14:19] Golden Jewel (rosario81): ooh, yeah, that was before my time. but i heard
[14:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): mind you, Amazon was then one region
[14:19] Golden Jewel (rosario81): nods
[14:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): so, nope, we stay out :)
[14:19] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): brb
[14:20] Edge (edgeofreason): We will get to your question Conan when Tantrica returns
[14:20] geo toro (geogetta): no raiders
[14:20] geo toro (geogetta): pains in my ass
[14:20] Conan Barbarian (sergejkocjancicdj): lol
[14:20] SergejKocjancicDJ Resident (Q-Translator b:detect->en): ArgumentOutOfRangeException: 'from' must be a valid language\u000d\u000aParameter name: from : ID=3832.V2_Json.Translate.276AD871
[14:21] Edge (edgeofreason): While we wait for Tantrica to return I would like to thank you all for spending your time here - and I encourage you to pass on some of the things we discussed to others who were not able to attend
[14:22] Sanash: dang just like me to come right at the end
[14:22] Conan Barbarian (sergejkocjancicdj): yes
[14:22] Edge (edgeofreason): We really want to continue to build the roleplay community here - it is something we are both very passionate about - but we rely on everyone in the Amazon to help make that happen
[14:22] geo toro (geogetta): ZEPH i know your here in an alt , dont whisper to us
[14:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): Conan i did not understand what you said
[14:23] Conan Barbarian (sergejkocjancicdj): zakaj HUD ne odšteva časa ko sem mrtev ali je to lagg
[14:23] SergejKocjancicDJ Resident (Q-Translator b:detect->en): why serious counts down the time when I am dead or is it lagg
[14:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): your translator is .. broken
[14:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): when you are down, the downtime is 5 minutes
[14:23] Conan Barbarian (sergejkocjancicdj): aha
[14:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): if the red ball wojnt attach, (see above) then just wait 5
[14:23] Conan Barbarian (sergejkocjancicdj): yes
[14:23] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): :)
[14:23] Conan Barbarian (sergejkocjancicdj): ty
[14:24] SergejKocjancicDJ Resident (Q-Translator b:detect->en): company
[14:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): yes, What Edge said, we thank you  -
[14:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): happy to help!  (*´◡`*)
[14:24] Conan Barbarian (sergejkocjancicdj): hehe
[14:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): however, my RL is a bit nagging at the moment . i msut take my leave now, Edge will see you off, i need away from keyboard for 30 minutes, sorry :)
[14:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): see you all soon
[14:24] Tantrica ღ (yt.recreant): gotta run:) xxx
[14:24] Jordane Avora: ?
[14:24] Golden Jewel (rosario81): tc
[14:24] Sue Windstorm: :))))
[14:24] Edge (edgeofreason): Thank you tantrica for a very helpful and informative session !

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