Priesthood of the Gods

A new role has been created at the Amazon River - Priest or Priestess of the Gods.

The Priesthood is hand-picked by the Gods themselves, chosen from those who are either Seekers, Guards or Shaman.   The Priesthood belongs to no tribe - their only allegiance is the Gods - and they are never armed.

The Priesthood speak with the authority of the Gods in all matters - additionally they can perform important ceremonies, such as weddings, baptisms, and so forth.

As they move amongst the People of the Jungle the Priests and Priestesses will keep a watchful eye on all things, helping those in need, reviewing minor disputes, encouraging and nurturing the lands and the people.

Those wishing to be considered for the Priesthood (male or female) should apply at the Mouthpiece of the Gods - you can also suggest names of those you think worthy of this important role.


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