What is a seeker?

Seekers are women in the Amazon who were picked by monks and nuns of a secret order. The name of that order is unknown to the common mortals and only whispered amongst the members. Even the seekers themselves are not told the name of the order.
It is said that no one less than Gaia herself has chosen the seekers and instructed the order to raise them. Seekers have skills that set them apart from many other humans. These traits are individual and no two seekers have the same skills. One example is the seeker Tantrica, who is chosen to be the medium of Gaia whenever Gaia so wishes. With that, Tantrica herself is not a Deity but Gaia shows her powers through Tantrica on occasion. All other times Tantrica has no special powers, except a nymph-like appearance and behaviour, which is a side effect of the divine influence. Many humans call Tantrica a Goddess, which is in fact not correct.
Other seekers have other traits. You will have to find out if you are interested, who has which.
However, with their abilities , seekers roam the jungle and in certain rituals which they perform, they can give blessings to people in the Amazon which help them in their daily life.

By the way: what most seekers really hate is if you approach them as if they were "mighty and powerful" .. just be yourself and treat them normal.


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