Friday, April 7, 2017

How IC escalates quickly to OOC

Here is what happened last night (from Thursday to Friday), in a nutshell:
One group stole soups from the camp of another group. When the other gorup noticed that, they went right OOCly to the Amazon chat and called the "thieves" "poor", "Low", and "sickos" - also they added that if this would be how things are, they cancel support and would no longer spend L$.

as so often, there is no "black and white" but all parties have their share:

the thieves
Thieves, Culprits, naughty ones: if you plan a roleplay, always consider that it is also imposing the situation on the others. Do not simply claim "We are a roleplay region, we can do that" but check first how you could involve others into your play. For example shoot them an IM first, maybe like "Hello, we plan, in the course of the next week, to "rob" your camp off the soups - we will take care that OOCly you are not really experiencing any loss but we would love if you  would participate. is that ok with you? if not, we understand and wont bother you."

The "victims":
first off: calling someone names in OOC is an offense that no one has to endure. Full stop. Do not do it. second: announcing in public chat that now you will cancel your supporter panels because of that will not sit well here. Because it means indirectly, you blame others for a financial loss of the Amazon. And that is not true. Sorry to break that down to you but it is your decision how you spend your money. And not their responsibility. Also if it was meant like a try to sway my attention in the favour for you, that thoroughly backfires. Big time.

For the future:
Disputes happen. If you feel seriously offended we have many ways to mediate. Mouthpiece and Priestesses are just two of many. Dragging things to the public chat is the worst way and was rather how people did it in the medieval ages, with pillories and rotten tomatoes.

Having that said - and i want explicitly outline that there are no 'right doers' and 'wrong doers' but that all involved parties have  their share here -  i hope the parties involved will now settle their dispute.  Like adults. mature and all. With talking? Try it!

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