Master Giver 'retired'

As promised, today the Master Giver has been put on 'light duties' :-)

After stalwart service - delivering nearly 1.5 million items in the last year or so - the Master Giver will now serve only Curare Darts to those who make them.

This means:-

  • Your Amazon Fishing Spear is now purely decorative. Throw it away and buy an Amazon Rod from the vendor at Baia Santa Rosa.
  • Your Amazon Soup Maker will no longer make soup (although it will happily consume ingredients!). Throw it away and buy an Amazon Bowl from the vendor at Baia Santa Rosa.
  • 'Old' ripening bananas/corncobs will not deliver their crop to you - replace them with the new ones you can buy at the volcano.
  • Your may receive a message "MasterGiver: <<item name>> is no longer available via the Master Giver. Please use the Amazon Rod/Amazon Bowl for fish/soup.
    Contact Baron (edgeofreason) if you think you got this message in error"
    If you were not using the Spear or Soup Maker, this means you have found a 'stray' giver - please let Baron know what you were doing and where you were when you got this message.


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