Friday, April 14, 2017

Update to the Trade System

It has been around a year since we last updated the trading system, and we have served nearly 1.5 million (yes, million!) trade items since the last change.

This new system will offer better performance and more variety and choice, and provides a foundation we can continue extend.

Over the course of the next week we will be deploying a major update to the trading system.

Key features are:
  • items now show their expiry date as part of their name
  • a whole array of new food items
  • a new Bowl which can now make soup, various stews, and a variety of vegetarian options
  • a new fishing rod
  • items are automatically returned to you if you leave them rezzed
What changes:-
  • no more waiting for the 'queue' when the Master Giver is busy - you get your items right away
  • you collect items from 'logical' locations, rather than waiting for them to drop from the skies.
  • when you collect an item it will be sent to your Lost & Found folder automatically
  • the HP and coin value of some items is 'tweaked'
  • a new Amazon Bowl (multiple recipes) and a new Fishing Rod are available at the usual spot
  • new corncob seedlings and banana plants are available at the usual spot
  • the current Soup Maker and Fishing Spear will continue to work for around a week only. 
  • the current corncob seedlings and banana plants will continue to work for around a week.
  • the Trading Tables change and now give you either the face value of the item, or the face value + a bonus! No more penalties :-)
What does not change:-
  • old food items will continue to work as before (until they expire or are used)
  • new items will work with the old Soup Maker, and old items will work with the new Amazon Bowl where the recipe allows.
  • the 'compass' will still show you the location of food sources.
  • salting and smoking remain the same
  • coins do not change
How the changes are being made:-
  • updated Trading Tables (no more penalty charge)
  • updated Spirit (no user visible changes)
  • new 'givers' being distributed (pick your own fruit etc.)
  • old givers being removed (no more 'droppers')
  • new bowl available (new recipes and more choice)
  • new rod available (no changes other than cosmetic)
  • new seedlings/bananas for ripening available (no user visible changes)
  • new Poison Seed bushes available (no user visible changes)
  • new Mining Rocks available (no user visible changes)
In around a week we will disable the Master Giver (Soup Maker, Fishing Spear, old Corn Seedlings, old Ripening Bananas will no longer work)


Q.  I am an Amazon Trader - do I need to do anything?
A.  Yes - your current vendors will soon stop working. Baron will supply new ones - including for the new items. Send him an IM.

Q.  I have loads of food items stored! What happens to them?
A.  They continue to work as they always have done. We recommend you use them up - the updated items show their expiry date as part of their name, so are easier to manage.

Q. What happens to all my money?? I have loads of stored coins!!
A.  Nothing. The coin system is not affected by these changes.

Q. What food items will be available?
A.  Banana, corncob, yellow fish, blue fish, yellow apples, red apples, oranges, watermelons, mangoes, kiwi fruit, coconuts, limes, strawberries, cherries, lychee, passion-fruit, grapes, pineapples, young toucans, chickens, meat and intestine. You can also make soup, meat stew, fish stew, smoothies, tropical drink and fruit juice.

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