Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Spirit Update 14th November 2017

Today we deploy a significant update to the 'weapons system' in the Spirit which balances concerns about weapons that have been modified to gain unfair advantage with giving people here the ability to wear any weapon they like.

The Spirit update today only affects the 'weapons system' - it does *not* affect food or health or trading.

Here is a summary of what changes:-

        - shots / hits are managed solely by the spirit, not by a combination of weapon/spirit
        - the spirit will auto switch between ranged (up to 96m) and melee (<2.5m) mode
        - the spirit has fist-fight built in (no ammo use for melee)
        - shots from downed/green/out of ammo users do not work
        - every weapon you care to wear now works as weapons are now 'decoration'
        - for now, full auto, the curare blowpipe, and the Amazon boomerang will not work
        - No refill of ammo is needed at the arena
        - shooting across sim-borders will not work
        - your 'crosshairs' will now tell you who you are aimed at and how far away they are

Here are some things you can do to help:-
        - switch your ammo to 'roleplay' mode, so bullets aren't rezzed
        - provide us with comments/feedback/suggestions via the mouthpiece.
Why are these changes being made?

        - it levels the playing field so people have no advantage in using special weapons
        - it speeds up the spirit and (especially if weapons don't rez bullets) reduces lag
        - it allows any weapon to be used (worn as decoration)
Please let us have your feedback via the Mouthpiece.


Tantrica and Baron

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