Monday, November 20, 2017

Spirit Update - 'Help' - 20 Nov 2017

We have today deployed an update to the 'Help' system in the Spirit.

When you click 'help' you now get two options: General / Private

Use General for the following circumstances:

    - when you have a a general query that anyone in the Admin team can help with
    - when you are happy for your message to be seen by all members of the Admin team
Use Private when:

    - you want your message to go *only* to the senior Estate Admin (i.e. the Owners)
    - you want to raise a 'sensitive' topic
    - you feel that a General query was not dealt with appropriately.
Please do NOT abuse the 'Private' messaging, and be aware that the Owners are often very busy with other admin tasks and may not be able to respond without delay when you submit an issue.  Be assured though that *all* messages are read and considered.

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