Friday, October 19, 2018

OOC post about leashes and other roleplay helpers

every toy that is scripted in SL, be it the spirit, the Mama Allpa HUD or even a vehicle - regardless what it is... is always a roleplay-helper - nothing more.
Regularly the question comes up if one can do this or that.. here a small collection on questions that I see a lot. In Amazon, in D/s groups, in roleplay groups.... generally:
"I am leashed - can i break the leash?"
"I am in a cage- can i TP out?
"I am locked in an RLV collar - can i run away and leave the ownership?"
Even if these answers seem to concern different issues, they all are about the same: how much do we want scripted gadgets to influence our roleplay?

So, the answer to all the above questions is: Yes, you can. Technically.

However, you always need to take into account the effect that it has on your roleplay-partners. If you are leashed in a "capture roleplay"-situation and you break the leash it is off-putting for your captors. It does not matter how brilliantly you emote your way out of it. They capped you. You lost. And it is common sense to play along.
Now, if your captor is a clutz and cant string two words together and sucks at roleplay - well, cap the leash and walk off. But otherwise, stay put, play along.

Bottom line: both parties, captor and captive should talk about it, why the captive felt the urgent need to cut the leash. Was the roleplay boring? Did it violate limits? was there something else wrong? or, and be honest there, dear captive: did it jar with your look on yourself that you lost a battle? and you had to win?
And ideally these talks take place before the roleplay is destroyed by a "godmodding" move like cutting the leash. Don't cut and run. It is frowned upon. Talk. you have IMs. Make use of them!

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