Voting on appearance

The poll result reads 25h after starting the poll:
145 votes for "no fantasy traits"
148 votes for "mild fantasy traits"
19 votes for "full on fantasy traits"

It mirrors by that the mood that i anyway captured already amongst the residents: many ran some fantasy appearance - and many of those also did so secretly ("Is Tantrica around? No? Phew! Let me wear my pointy ears!")

I recognize of course also that 46.4% voted "no fantasy traits" but i would like to encourage those 145 voters to take a closer look at their own SL.

As i wrote already earlier in Amazon Chat - it is tricky in  a world like Second Life to draw a line on "100% realism". Starting it very simple: most of us don't have that perfect Barbie- or Ken body that our pixel-selves in SL have. So, is already the sixpack of John Doe fantasy? Or the triple-D-cup of Jane Doe? I saw just today in the jungle someone voting "No fantasy traits" while wearing s…

2018 - the year of better roleplay

Amazon River is one if the best roleplay regions in Second Life - yet, there is no need to rest on our laurels . We decided to start this year the initiative to better roleplay - for everyone. We will start with roleplay classes and we have more things up the sleeve to provide a full concept on that.

More things that we offer to better your roleplay:

Mentors who explain the necessary OOC conditions for our regions and who help you also to optimize your avatar for the Second Life of today (e.g.: drop your ugly sculpts!)

Seekers who help and support you on your roleplay IC path to get it started

A big community of active roleplayers - as every play needs RP partners

and, last but not least: YOU. To succeed with the plan to make 2018 the year of better roleplay, YOU are vital in that plan. Your motivation, your participation and your dedication.

Keep in mind: roleplay is not watching a TV show. Roleplay requires all people involved to be active, awake and willing to enjoy a good time.

Amazon Weapon System Explained

The Amazon Weapon System (AWS) provides the fairest, fastest and coolest weapons system in SL.

Here is a brief summary of the main features:-

You can use *any* weapon that fits the Amazon theme - all shots and hits are all managed by the Amazon Spirit.If you use an "Amazon" weapon your hits will do more damage that a 'standard' weapon.  This is to encourage people to use the Amazon weapons as they do not create lag by rezzing projectiles, and offer a number of additional benefits (see below). The AWS can be switched between ranged and melee mode when you are in mouselook by typing 1 or 2 to select the mode you wish to use. Some viewers may also need you to press 'Enter' first to get the local chat dialogue box in focus.If you are using an Amazon ranged weapon (gun or bow), switching to ranged mode will auto draw your weapon; switching to melee mode will auto-sheath your Amazon ranged weapon.  Similarly, if you wear an Amazon melee weapon (e.g. dagger), when yo…

Spirit update

A text above the spirit will appear when people go into mouselook
A bug of "downed people able to damage" should be fixed now

Spirit Update - 'Help' - 20 Nov 2017

We have today deployed an update to the 'Help' system in the Spirit.

When you click 'help' you now get two options: General / Private

Use General for the following circumstances:

    - when you have a a general query that anyone in the Admin team can help with
    - when you are happy for your message to be seen by all members of the Admin team

Use Private when:

    - you want your message to go *only* to the senior Estate Admin (i.e. the Owners)
    - you want to raise a 'sensitive' topic
    - you feel that a General query was not dealt with appropriately.

Please do NOT abuse the 'Private' messaging, and be aware that the Owners are often very busy with other admin tasks and may not be able to respond without delay when you submit an issue.  Be assured though that *all* messages are read and considered.

Spirit Update 14th November 2017

Today we deploy a significant update to the 'weapons system' in the Spirit which balances concerns about weapons that have been modified to gain unfair advantage with giving people here the ability to wear any weapon they like.

The Spirit update today only affects the 'weapons system' - it does *not* affect food or health or trading.

Here is a summary of what changes:-

        - shots / hits are managed solely by the spirit, not by a combination of weapon/spirit
        - the spirit will auto switch between ranged (up to 96m) and melee (<2.5m) mode
        - the spirit has fist-fight built in (no ammo use for melee)
        - shots from downed/green/out of ammo users do not work
        - every weapon you care to wear now works as weapons are now 'decoration'
        - for now, full auto, the curare blowpipe, and the Amazon boomerang will not work
        - No refill of ammo is needed at the arena
        - shooting across sim-borders will not work

Spirit Update 30 Aug 2017

Spirit update
1. switch green to yellow: no TP but 10 minutes transition time
2. downed: 5 minutes down, 20 minutes force green
3. downed  and healed: 5 minutes down, 10 minutes green
4. no Amazon wide messages any more on down in combat
5. no seeker in radar any more
6. new down anim (thanks Dissi)