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Now you can enjoy the Amazon River in SL in two flavours:

You do not want to participate in any combat
you will not be able to hunt animals
you can not be shot by other residents

You want the full flavour,
Capture Roleplay is an option for you
you want to hunt also animals

Your condition will be visible as dot above your head.

To change your condition, click your HUD; then the most right button, select "Condition"

Now, the fineprint:
I am aware that there is a small path left to exploit attacks from green dots to yellow dots under very special circumstances (read: not generally). We have not fixed this yet. To do this exploit you would have to be purposely green dotted and attack then yellow dots. This does not make you a hacker or a genius, but a griefer. And it will be handled as that (region ban).
I am about to fix this but three reasons made me release this version anyway already:
1. the feedback of this change was very much like "we want this, and we …


As the blessings are not working out like planned, they are put on hold.  That means, within the ranks all have the same health and ammo level again.

The blessings that took place until today are still registered in the database and once the council decided what to do with them we will reactivate them. So if you have been blessed already, it is not forgotten. You just wont have any advantage from it at the moment.

Poisonous Spiders at Rio Grande!

Beware, if they bite you!

Fortunately HEALERS can now get an anti venom - and hold it in store, to help you. Healers who want to get ahold of this anti-venom need to go to the mouthpiece of the Gods.

Amazon Changes Summarised

Summary of Changes

1. Roles

We now have two main roles - Explorer and Local - and a small number of specialist roles: Wildlife, Seeker, Shaman/Healer, Guard etc.

All Natives, Settlers, and Rogues are now "Locals" - and will be distinguished by their appearance, approach, and any local tribe/faction groups to which they belong.

2. Roleplay Rating/Seekers

You no longer need to find a Seeker for a new role (Native, Rogue, Settler) unless you want to be a Shaman/Healer or a Guard.

The HUD now allows you to rate the appearance, roleplay, and OOC/IC separation of those you interact with. You can rate people more than once, but only your final rating will be counted at the end of the month.

Those people who have very positive ratings will be visited by a Seeker and offered the blessing of additional Health Points or more ammo, whichever they prefer up to the maxim,um allowed (4 enhancements in any combination).  This means that your appearance, conduct and roleplay d…

Amazon Week of peace and truce

The deities spotted with great displeasure the growing aggression at the Amazon. For that reason, they announce now the week of peace. Guards will have 50 HP. Explorers 15 HP and 3 shots. regulars 10 shots.
Guards shall work for this week like UN blue helmet and monitor the peace. Violators shall be arrested in the cage.
Council leaders have to work out a bearable solution until next Sunday
if they fail, council leaders will work as naked barmaids for a week and truce gets extended

HUD Update September 07

Locations and Home returned
"Amazon Finder" installed, check the second icon!

HUD Update September 06

"Locations" removed - as voted on
"Home" removed - as voted on
Changes in "Bind" - when you are down and you are "bound" you can stand up again but not walk, no mouselook and not shoot. your "downtimer" will finish its 5 minutes, regardless
the only person that can shorten your downtime is a healer/shaman.

HUD Update September 05

Fixed BUG that renders multiple bubbles when downed
New "Down" bubble
Removed Screen "Keep Calm"

HUD Update 28 August

A minor update to the HUD will be released today to deal with issues around Health Points when fighting in the Arena.

HUD & other tweaks 26 August

A minor revision of the HUD was released today. The changes are:
Soup now gives 5 HP instead of the previous 2 (up to the maximum your role supports)Drowning now gives additional 'warning time' to cope with lag. Because some people developed that rare 'long arm syndrome' - you now need to be close to tradeitems to collect them.

HUD Update - 24 August

An update to the Amazon HUD will be released today.  The following adjustments have been made:

Health points on recoveryFood need each dayDamage of kicks/punchesDamage of meleeMessage when downed.

Roleplay Class - Sunday 23 August 2015

Here is the verbatim transcript of YT's Roleplay Class

[15:05] Y.T. (yt.recreant): alright, thank you all for coming :)
[15:05] Y.T. (yt.recreant): If you have questions, we require that you follow these steps:
 make a ? in public chat
 type ahead what you want to ask but do NOT send it
 wait till your name is called, then send what you wrote.
 This way we are keeping the flow.
[15:05] Y.T. (yt.recreant): so, only a ? - then wait :)
[15:05] Y.T. (yt.recreant): in this RP class we will cover several topics, many of them geared to the Amazon, but also some valid everywhere
[15:06] Y.T. (yt.recreant): the class is not prefab, i  "type live"
[15:06] Y.T. (yt.recreant): so, typos may occur


[15:06] Y.T. (yt.recreant): now. for the start, we look at the technicla setup, that you can do, to make your stay at the amazon most enjoyable
[15:07] Y.T. (yt.recreant): first off, you are here in an area with several regions. this is, from the viewer-aspect, quite importa…

EarthBank Latest - Red Cross Food Parcels!

EarthBank today issued this important notice:

+++Message Starts+++

Each resident of the Amazon, regardless of status, can now pick up one (1!) starter pack including some coins, meat and fish.

Find your free pack at the tent of the Red Cross (which is near the trading table)

This way, starters, new visitors, have the chance to trade as they get a set of coins to begin with. Also they can prepare soup, without the need to hunt, in the start.

Austerity is Prosperity!

+++Message Ends+++

EarthBank Latest!

The following just in on the newswires:-

++++Message Starts++++

Concerned that austerity measures might cause hardship for the good people of the Amazon, the EarthBank has arranged emergency food supplies.  One side effect of the food bonanza is a sudden increase in crocodile activity.

"A well-fed people is a happy people" - a spokesperson said, adding "Austerity is Prosperity!"

++++Message Ends+++

Important HUD changes

A new release of the HUD will be made available today. A number of important changes are being made:

You will now drown more quickly if you attempt to walk under waterWhilst you are in the Amazon, you need to eat to stay healthy.  If you do not eat your health points will slowly fade away as you starve.If you starve, you will taken by natives to a safe place to recover (just as when you drown) - but when you wake your health will still be poor - 6 HP only (and at 5 you are downed).If your health is poor (due to a fight or starvation) you will not automatically recover with time - you need to eat food to restore your strength, or find a healer.You can now make a nourishing soup of banana, corn cob, chicken, fish and croc meat by using the new 'Eat'  function in your hud which restores 2 HP.Healers will lose health each time they heal - so must keep themselves well nourished - and can only heal when they are in good health (at least 14 HP) you will not consume more energy when y…

EarthBank takes charge of Amazon economy!

The EarthBank has just issued the results of its study of the Amazon River economy.

"A surfeit of coins in circulation means rampant inflation - controls must be put in place over the money supply.  With immediate effect the primary source of Coin will be withdrawn - the Trading Table. All trade items must be traded between the People of the Amazon for Coin already in circulation or for Shots or for any other services or goods"

Furthermore, it has been noted that the manufacture of Arrows and Bullets has a significant impact on the economy. With immediate effect all arrow/bullet making equipment is dismantled.  The only source of shots is now through trade with other people or by purchasing them from an authorised vendor.

Trade items will continue to be available in the usual manner, although EarthBank specialists will carefully check that supply and demand are properly balanced.

The EarthBank hopes that these changes will stabilise the economy of the Amazon River, which wil…

Roleplay Discussion 12 June

Verbatim Transcript from the roleplay class/discussion on Friday 12 June

[2015/06/12 09:04]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): Thank you all for taking the time to come over...
[2015/06/12 09:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): If you have questions, we require that you follow these steps:
 make a ? in public chat
 type ahead what you want to ask but do NOT send it
 wait till your name is called, then send what you wrote.
 This way we are keeping the flow.
[2015/06/12 09:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): in this RP class we wil cover in the start some basic settings
[2015/06/12 09:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): settigns for a more fluent SL
[2015/06/12 09:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): technical sides
[2015/06/12 09:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): and then look into the RP aspects
[2015/06/12 09:05]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): i do not give canned sentences but type life. that means two things:
[2015/06/12 09:06]  Sugar ღ Pop (yt.recreant): typos, if you find them, are free
[2015/06/12 09:06]  S…